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The following are English names which spring from Anglo-Saxon, or Old English; names that have not been greatly shaped, or otherwise lost thanks to the French overthrow of England. (Further reading on Wikipedia.) While there are many living names, many more names have been revived from their dead matches by their likenesses to words and names that outlived them. (Such as, Wilhelm/Willelm, from Old English Wilhelm, which was upset by the Norman name William/Guillaume.) In rare cases, such as Biblical names, a foreign name has been borrowed straight from its source to bypass the French influenced shapes of that name.

The Names

Names from Old English

The Old English names are split into:
Fossilised: A name that, by way of a 'learned borrowing', often by a famous writer, has a fossilised Old English spelling while being used in New English. (Such as: Uhtred, from Bernard Cornwell's series of books and following show, The Last Kingdom; a name from the Old English Ūtrǣd, which might otherwise have been spelled as Outred as found in the living lastname.)
Hypothetical: A name that has cognates in other Germanic tongues but which is not attested in Old English.
Living: A name that is attested within the period of New English, whether having been in continuous use (such as Edward), or having been revived in a New English shape, as many were, in the 18th and 19th centuries. (Such as Ethel.)
Lastname: A name that is attested as a living name but which became one by way of being an English lastname that springs from Old English, not continuous use as a given name. (Such as Stanley.)
Revived: A name that is attested as an Old English name but which does not have an attested shape in New English. Shaped anew by the writer of this writ by likeness to living, New English names and words. (Such as Wolfrich, from OE Wulfriċ, by likeness to the New English words wolf, rich, and attested names like Wolfroun and Aldrich.)

See the Naming Words deal on this leaf for the meanings of the naming words.

Name Kind Namekind Whence Foreword Afterword Notes
Ackerley Lastname Acerlēah āc lēah
Acton Lastname Āctūn āc tūn
Addelm Revived Ādhelm ād helm Not linked to Aldhelm (as in the hallow, and in the 1818 tale written of him by Ripley) which is a shortening of the Norman name Adelhelm.
Addis Revived Ādhysi ād hysi Not linked to the Hebrew name Addis, which is a shape of Adam.
Ailith Living Æþelgȳþ æþel gȳþ
Ainard Revived Ǣġenheard ǣġen heard
Ainbald Revived Ǣġenbeald ǣġen beald
Aingar Revived Ǣġengār ǣġen gār
Ainild Living Ǣġenhild ǣġen hild
Ainmer Revived Ǣġenmǣr ǣġen mǣr
Ainnar Revived Ǣġenhere ǣġen here
Ainsley Lastname Ānsetllēah ǣġen setl + lēah Also spelled: Ansley.
Ainsworth Lastname Ǣġenworþ ǣġen worþ
Ainwolf Revived Ǣġenwulf ǣġen wulf
Alden Lastname Ealdwine eald wine See also: Aldwin.
Aldrich Lastname Ealdrīċe eald rīċe
Aldrin Lastname Aloren alor -
Aldwin Lastname Ealdwine eald wine See also: Alden.
Alfled Living Ælfflǣd ælf flǣd
Alfnoth Revived Ælfnōþ ælf nōþ
Alfred Living Ælfnōþ ælf rǣd Spread by Alfred the Great (849—889), king of Wessex, who freed the English from the Danish overcoming of England.
Alfrich Lastname Ælfrīċ ælf rīċe Aldridge is another offshoot, which has been blended with Ethelrich (from OE Æþelrīċ) and Aldrich (from OE Ealdlrīċ). Borne by many godmen, such as the great writer and godman of Eynsham (955—1010), and also by the Hallow of Abingdon (d. 1005). Kin with the Norman names: Aubrey, Avery.
Alfswith Living Ælfswīþ ælf swīþ
Algar Lastname Ælfgār ælf gār
Alkar Revived Ealhhere ealh here
Alkard Revived Ealhheard ealh heard
Alkbert Revived Ealhbeorht ealh beorht
Alkbury Revived Ealhburg ealh burg
Alkelm Revived Ealhhelm ealh helm
Alkmund Living Ealhmund ealh mūnd Borne by an 8th Yhd. Hallow of Derby and Northumbria, and an 8th Yhd. Hallow of Hexham, Northumberland.
Alkoun Revived Ealhhūn ealh hūn
Alkred Revived Ealhrǣd ealh rǣd
Alkrich Revived Ealhrīċ ealh rīċe
Alkswith Revived Ealhswīþ ealh swīþ
Alkward Revived Ealhweard ealh weard
Alkwer Revived Ealhwaru ealh waru
Alkwin Revived Ealhwine ealh wine Borne by the 8th Yhd holyman of York and maker of the Carolingian writing script. The Latin spelling is Alcuin, or Alcuinus.
Alleaf Revived Ælflēof ælf lēof
Alsey Revived Ælfsiġe ælf siġe
Alston Lastname Ælfstān , Æþelstān , Ealdstān , Ealstān ælf , æþel , eald , ealh stān Living name from the English Lastname Alston, which could come from sundry OE forenames, such as Ælfstān (elf-stone), Æþelstān (atheling-stone), Ealdstān (old-stone) or Ealstān (holy-stone).
Althrith Revived Ælfþrȳþ, Ealhþrȳþ ælf, ealh þrȳþ Two names that would have blended together over time, owed to their likeness when spoken. Can also be spelled: Elthrith.
Alton Lastname Ealdtūn eald tūn
Alvald Revived Ælfweald ælf weald Borne by 8th Yhd. King of East Anglia, 8th Yhd. King of Sussex, and by 8th and 9th Yhd. kings of Northumbria.
Alvar Living Ælfhere ælf here
Alvara Living Ælfwaru ælf waru May be Latinised spelling. Can also be spelled as Alver
Alvard Revived Ælfġeard , Ælfheard , Ælfweard ælf ġeard , heard , weard A blend of a few Old English names that would likely have blended into one another over time.
Alvat Revived Ælfġēat ælf ġēat
Alvelm Revived Ælfhelm ælf helm
Alvey Revived Ælfhēah ælf hēah
Alvin Living Ælfwine ælf wine
Alvina Living Ælfwynn ælf wynn
Alvith Revived Ælfgȳþ ælf gȳþ
Alvive Revived Ælfġifu ælf ġifu Shortened in some Lastnames as Alvey.
Alvmer Revived Ælfmǣr ælf mǣr
Alvun Revived Ælfhūn ælf hūn
Alvy Revived Ælfwīġ ælf wīġ
Alwin Lastname Ealhwine ealh wine Alwin has been shaped by a blending together of likewise names, such as Alden (from OE Ealdwine), Alvin (from OE Ælfwine), and Athelwin (from OE Æþelwine). Borne by the great writer, teacher and Hallow of York (735—804), after whom Alcuin College was named.
Anbald Revived Andbeald and beald
Anbert Revived Andbeorht and beorht
Ancoal Revived Andcōl and cōl
Anfrith Revived Andfriþ and friþ
Anmer Revived Andemar and mǣr
Annar Revived Andhere and here
Announ Revived Andhūn and hūn
Anshoe Revived Andṡċoh and ṡċoh
Anwolf Revived Andwulf and wulf
Ardwolf Revived Eardwulf eorþe wulf Borne by 8th-9th Yhd. King of Northumbria.
Ashar Revived Æṡċhere æṡċ here Not linked with the Hebrew name Asher. Only linked with the lastname Asher by sharing the same foreword, 'ash', as in someone who works with ashes.
Ashard Revived Æṡċheard æṡċ heard
Ashbert Revived Æṡċbeorht æṡċ beorht
Ashbury Lastname Æṡċburg æṡċ burg
Ashey Revived Æṡċhēah æṡċ hēah
Ashford Lastname Æṡċford æṡċ ford
Ashfrith Revived Æṡċfriþ æṡċ friþ
Ashlock Revived Æṡċlāc æṡċ lāc
Ashley Lastname Æṡċlēah æṡċ lēah Like many Lastnames, it was once borne mostly for men, but it has shifted towards a womanly name.
Ashman Revived Æṡċmann æṡċ mann
Ashmer Revived Æṡċmǣr æṡċ mǣr
Ashmund Revived Æṡċmūnd æṡċ mūnd
Ashred Revived Æṡċrǣd æṡċ rǣd
Ashton Lastname Æṡċtūn æṡċ tūn
Ashwald Revived Æṡċweald æṡċ weald
Ashwin Lastname Æṡċwine ♂ , Æṡċwynn ♀ æṡċ wine , wynn There is no link with the Hindi name Ashwin, which is from Sanskrit Aśvin.
Ashwolf Revived Æṡċwulf æṡċ wulf
Ashwood Lastname Æṡċwudu æṡċ wudu
Ashwy Revived Æṡċwīġ æṡċ wīġ
Aston Lastname Ēasttūn ēast tūn
Athelstan Fossilised Æþelstān æþel stān Can also be spelled: Ethelstan. Borne by the King of the Anglo-Saxons (924-927) and the King of the English (927-939). The name died out following the Norman overthrow. Brought back following Sir Walter Scott's (1771-1832) book, Ivanhoe.
Atley Lastname Ætlēah æt lēah
Atwater Lastname Ætwæter æt wæter
Atwell Lastname Ætwille æt wille
Atwood Lastname Ætwudu æt wudu
Atworth Lastname Ætworþ æt worþ
Badhild Living Beaduhild beadu hild
Bagmund Revived Bēagmūnd bēag mūnd
Bagnoth Revived Bēagnōþ bēag nōþ
Bagstan Revived Bēagstān bēag stān
Balday Revived Bealddæġ beald dæġ
Baldive Revived Bealdġifu beald ġifu Shortened in some Lastnames as Baldey.
Baldhelm Revived Bealdhelm beald helm
Baldhild Living Bealdhild beald hild
Baldhoun Revived Bealdhūn beald hūn
Baldred Revived Bealdrǣd beald rǣd Borne by 9th Yhd. King of Kent.
Baldrich Revived Bealdrīc beald rīċe Kin with the Norman name 'Baldric'.
Baldwin Living Bealdwine beald wine The Old English name may have died out, but it would have ended up the same as the name 'Baldwin', which was brought by the Normans.
Bancroft Lastname Bēancroft bēan croft Borne by American historian and ethnologist Hubert Howe Bancroft (1832-1918).
Barden Lastname Bærdenu bær denu
Barton Lastname Bærtūn bær tūn
Beck Lastname Bæċa bæċ - Either from the English Lastname Beck, or as a shortening of English Lastnames such as Beckham, from ON bekkr, kin with OE bæċ
Beddard Revived Beaduheard beadu heard
Bede Living Bēda bēd - Living name from OE bēd: To ask, bid, beseech, or a worshipping bead. Spread by the holyman and writer Bede (672–735).
Bedfrith Revived Beadufriþ beadu friþ
Bednoth Revived Beadunōþ beadu nōþ
Bedthane Revived Beaduþeġn beadu þeġn
Bedwald Revived Beaduweald beadu weald
Bedwolf Revived Beaduwulf beadu wulf
Bedwy Revived Beaduwīġ beadu wīġ
Beewolf Revived Bēowulf bēo wulf Brought into New English from Old English by J R R Tolkien in his wending of Beowulf, Sellic Spell, as the name Beewolf.
Beowulf Fossilised Bēowulf bēo wulf Fossilised spelling borrowed straight from the Old English folk tale of the same name.
Bentley Lastname Bentlēah bent lēah Spread by English car maker Bentley Motors, started in 1919.
Benton Lastname Benttūn bent tūn
Berkeley Lastname Berclēah berċ lēah Spread by the Berkeley kindred of Gloucestershire, and later by the San Fransisco bough of the University of California. Kin with Barclay, a name brought by the Normans.
Bernard Living Beornheard beorn heard A blend of the Old English name Beornhard and Norman name Bernard.
Berndred Living Beornþrȳþ beorn þrȳþ Can also be spelled: Bernthrith. The word beorn, as found in OE bindnames, may have a root meaning of a man/child, and may not come from the same root word as beorn, found in Mainland Europe, meaning bear. It may therefore be mistakenly linked with Mainland European names such as Berengar.
Bernfled Revived Beornflǣd beorn flǣd
Bernfrith Revived Beornfriþ beorn friþ
Berngar Revived Beorngār beorn gār
Bernheath Revived Beornhǣþ beorn hǣþ
Bernhelm Revived Beornhelm beorn helm
Bernhey Revived Beornhēah beorn hēah
Bernich Revived Beorniċ beorn
Bernith Revived Beorngȳþ beorn gȳþ
Bernlof Revived Beornlāf beorn lāf
Bernmood Revived Beornmōd beorn mōd
Bernmund Revived Beornmūnd beorn mūnd
Bernred Revived Beornrǣd beorn rǣd Borne by 8th Yhd. King of Mercia.
Bernrich Revived Beornrīċ beorn rīċe
Bernsey Revived Beornsiġe beorn siġe
Bernstan Revived Beornstān beorn stān
Bernwald Revived Beornweald beorn weald
Bernwin Revived Beornwine ♂ , Beornwynn ♀ beorn wine , wynn
Bernwolf Revived Beornwulf beorn wulf Borne by 9th Yhd. King of Mercia.
Bernwy Revived Beornwīġ beorn wīġ
Bert Living Beorhta beorht - The latter-day bearing of 'Bert' is often as a shortening of the Norman name 'Albert' (kin with the native name Ethelbert).
Berta Living Beorhte beorht - The latter-day bearing of 'Bert' is often as a shortening of the Norman name 'Alberta'.
Bertar Revived Beorhthere beorht here
Bertelm Revived Beorhthelm beorht helm
Bertey Revived Beorhthēah beorht ġifu, hēah
Bertferth Revived Beorhtferhþ beorht ferhþ
Bertfrith Revived Beorhtfriþ beorht friþ
Berthank Revived Beorhtþanc beorht þanc
Bertive Revived Beorhtġifu beorht ġifu Also found shortened as the lastname Bertey.
Bertlof Revived Beorhtlāf beorht lāf
Bertmer Revived Beorhtmǣr beorht mǣr
Bertmund Revived Beorhtmūnd beorht mūnd
Bertnoth Revived Beorhtnoþ beorht nōþ
Berton Revived Beorhttūn beorht tūn
Bertred Revived Beorhtrǣd beorht rǣd
Bertrich Revived Beorhtrīc beorht rīc Borne by 8th-9th Yhd. King of Wessex.
Bertsey Revived Beorhtsiġe beorht siġe
Bertstan Revived Beorhtstān beorht stān
Bertun Revived Beorhthūn beorht hūn
Bertwald Revived Beorhtweald beorht weald
Bertwer Revived Beorhtwaru beorht waru
Bertwin Revived Beorhtwine ♂ , Beorhtwynn ♀ beorht wine , wynn
Bertwolf Revived Beorhtwulf beorht wulf Borne by 9th Yhd. King of Mercia.
Bertwy Revived Beorhtwīġ beorht wīġ
Bertyils Revived Beorhtġils beorht ġīsel
Beverley Lastname Beoforlēah beofor lēah Borne as a wepmanly name in the 19th Yhd. Made well-known as a womanly name following the George Barr McCutcheon book, Beverly of Graustark (1904).
Billard Revived Billheard bill heard
Billfrith Revived Billfriþ bill friþ
Billnoth Revived Billnōþ bill nōþ
Birchall Lastname Berċheall berċ lēah
Blackburn Lastname Blæcburna blæc burne
Blackstone Lastname Blæcstān blæc stān
Blackwell Lastname Blæcwille blæc wille
Blagden Lastname Blæcdenu blæc denu
Blake Lastname Blæc blæc -
Blakeley Lastname Blæclēah blæc lēah
Blakeney Lastname Blæclnēah blæc nēah
Blessing Living - bletsian - A puritanical name. Not known to be a name in Old English times.
Blithar Revived Blīþhere blīþ here
Blithrith Revived Blīþþrȳþ blīþ þrȳþ
Boot Revived Bōte bōt -
Borden Lastname Bārdenu bār denu
Botwin Revived Bōtwine bōt wine
Botwolf Revived Bōtwulf bōt wulf
Brad Lastname Brāda brād - A shortening of Lastnames such as Bradley.
Bradburn Lastname Brādburna brād burne
Bradford Lastname Brādford brād ford
Bradley Lastname Brādlēah brād lēah
Brand Revived Branda brand -
Brandon Lastname Brōmdūn brōm dūn Not wordlorely linked with Brendon.
Branson Lastname Brandassunu brand sunu
Branton Lastname Brōmtūn brōm tūn
Brenton Lastname Brynestūn bryne tūn
Breyswith Revived Breġoswīþ breġu swīþ
Breywald Revived Breġoweald breġu weald
Breywin Revived Breġowine breġu wine
Breywolf Revived Breġowulf breġu wulf
Bridgeley Lastname Bryċġlēah bryċġ lēah
Brigham Lastname Bryċġhām bryċġ hām Borne by Brigham Young, prominent Morman and founder of Salt Lake City.
Brinnar Revived Brynhere bryne here
Brinning Revived Bryning bryne ing
Brinley Lastname Brynlēah bryne lēah
Brinwald Revived Brynweald bryne weald
Bristol Lastname Bryċġstow bryċġ stow
Brock Lastname Brocca brocc -
Brockley Lastname Brōclēah brōc lēah
Brockton Lastname Brōctūn brōc tūn
Bromley Lastname Brōmlēah brōm wille
Bromwell Lastname Brōmwille brōm lēah Also spelled: Bramwell.
Bronson Lastname Brūnsunu brūn sunu
Brunard Revived Brūnheard brūn heard
Brunstan Revived Brūnstān brūn stān
Buckley Lastname Buccalēah bucc lēah
Burhard Revived Burgheard burg heard
Burhild Revived Burghild burg hild
Burhelm Revived Burghelm burg helm
Burnferth Revived Byrnferþ byrne ferhþ
Burnfled Revived Byrneflǣd byrne flǣd
Burnhelm Revived Byrnhelm byrne helm
Burnoth Revived Burgnōþ burg nōþ
Burred Revived Burgrǣd burg rǣd Borne by 9th Yhd. King of Mercia.
Burrich Revived Burgrīċ burg rīċ
Bursey Revived Burgsiġe burg siġe
Burstan Revived Burgstān burg stān
Burton Lastname Burgtūn burg tūn
Burwald Revived Burgweald burg weald
Burwin Revived Burgwine ♂ , Burgwynn ♀ burg wine , wynn
Burwolf Revived Burgwulf burg wulf
Caldwell Lastname Cadlwille cald wille
Calvert Lastname Cealfhierde cealf hierde
Chad Living Ċeadda ċēad -
Chadley Lastname Ċeaddaslēah ċēad lēah
Chadwick Lastname Ċeaddaswic ċēad wiċ
Chelbald Revived Ċēolbeald ċēol beald
Chelbury Revived Ċēolburg ċēol burg
Chelfled Revived Ċēolflǣd ċēol flǣd
Chelfrith Revived Ċēolfriþ ċēol friþ
Chellar Revived Ċēolhere ċēol here
Chellard Revived Ċēolheard ċēol heard
Chellelm Revived Ċēolhelm ċēol helm
Chelley Revived Ċēolhēah ċēol hēah
Chelnoth Revived Ċēolnōþ ċēol nōþ
Chelred Revived Ċēolrǣd ċēol rǣd Borne by 8th Yhd. King of Mercia.
Chelrich Revived Ċēolrīċ ċēol rīċe
Chelsea Lastname Ċealcsǣ , Ċēolsǣ ċealc, ċeol Also spelled: Chelsey. A blend of the words for chalk and cheel (keel), the latter of which also yields Kelsey, with a 'hard k', likely from Norse inflow.
Chelsey Revived Ċēolsiġe ċēol siġe For the living name with the same spelling, see: Chelsea.
Chelstan Revived Ċeolstān ċēol stān
Chelswith Revived Ċēolswīþ ċēol swīþ
Chelthrith Revived Ċēolþrȳþ ċēol þrȳþ
Chelwald Revived Ċēolweald ċēol weald
Chelwin Revived Ċēolwine ♂ , Ċēolwynn ♀ ċēol wine , wynn
Chelwolf Revived Ċēolwulf ċēol wulf Borne by 6th-7th Yhd. King of Wessex, by 8th Yhd. King of Northumbria and by 9th Yhd. King of Mercia.
Chelwy Revived Ċēolwīġ ċēol wīg
Cherl Revived Ċeorl ċeorl - Borne by a King of Mercia in the 7th Yhd. The name Ċeorl was seldom borne in Old English times, and seems to have died out as an English name. Most likely all living names with Charl- / Charles are from the later French borrowings.
Chillie Revived Ċille ċille -
Churchill Lastname Ċircehyll ċirce hyll Borne by the English statesman and writer, Sir Winston Churchill.
Clayland Lastname Clæġland clæġ land
Clayton Lastname Clæġtūn clæġ tūn
Cleveland Lastname Clifland cliff land Borne by American president Grover Cleveland (1837-1908).
Clifford Lastname Clifford cliff ford
Clifton Lastname Cliftūn cliff tūn
Clint Lastname - glim - A shortening of the lastname Clinton. Borne by American film star Clint Eastwood (born 1930).
Clinton Lastname Glimtūn glim tūn From a steadname of a town on the Water Glyme, whose name is from a Welsh word meaning, and likely kin with, the English word 'glimmering'. Borne by American president Bill Clinton (born 1946).
Colburn Lastname Cōlburne cōl burne
Colden Lastname Cōldenu cōl denu
Colgate Lastname Cōlġēat cōl ġēat Borne by Englishman William Colgate (1783-1857), who made the Colgate toothpaste business.
Coleridge Lastname Cōlhryċġ cōl hryċġ Borne by English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834).
Colton Lastname Cōltūn cōl tūn
Conwel Revived Cēnewealh cēne wealh
Cranford Lastname Cranford cran ford The 'Cran-' in some names, such as Crandal, is from the Irish name 'Ciarán'.
Cranley Lastname Cranlēah cran lēah The 'Cran-' in some names, such as Crandal, is from the Irish name 'Ciarán'.
Cranston Lastname Crantūn cran tūn The 'Cran-' in some names, such as Crandal, is from the Irish name 'Ciarán'.
Crawford Lastname Crāweford crāwe ford
Crofton Lastname Crofttūn croft tūn
Cromwell Lastname Crumbwille crumb wille Borne by Lord Protector of the United Kingdom, Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658).
Crow Living Crawa crawa -
Cuthard Revived Cūþheard cūþ heard
Cuthbald Revived Cūþbeald cūþ beald
Cuthbert Living Cūþbeorht cūþ beorht Borne by 6th Yhd. Hallow of Lindisfarne, whose fame kept the name alive in England even after the Norman overthrow. It is also a widespread lastname.
Cuthbury Revived Cūþburg cūþ burg
Cuthmund Revived Cūþmūnd cūþ mūnd
Cuthred Revived Cūþrǣd cūþ rǣd
Cuthrich Revived Cūþrīc cūþ rīc
Cuthswith Revived Cūþswīþ cūþ swīþ
Cuthwin Revived Cūþwine cūþ wine
Cuthwolf Revived Cūþwulf cūþ wulf
Cuthyils Revived Cūþġils cūþ ġīsel
Dale Lastname - dæl - Not known to be a given name in Old English times.
Dalwin Revived Dealwine deal wine
Dane Lastname Dena denu - While sometimes misread to mean 'Danish', the given name 'Dane' comes from the English steadname 'Dene' / 'Dean', meaning a hollow, dale.
Darwin Lastname Dēorewine dēore wine A lastname that comes from the OE given name, "Dēorewine". Borne by English naturalist Charles Darwin (1809-1882), writer of On The Origin of Species.
Darton Lastname Dēortūn dēor tūn
Daybert Revived Dæġbeorht dæġ beorht
Dayelm Revived Dæġhelm dæġ helm
Dayey Revived Dæġhēah dæġ hēah
Daymund Revived Dæġmūnd dæġ mūnd
Dayren Revived Dæġhræfn dæġ hræfn
Dayrich Revived Dæġrīce dæġ rīce
Dayton Lastname Dæġtūn dæġ tūn
Dean Lastname - dene - See also: Dane. Not wordlorely linked with the churchly stead of Dean, which is from the French 'Dean' and Latin 'decanus', meaning a leader of ten men. Not known to be a standalone name in Old English times.
Dell Lastname - dæl - Not known to be a given name in Old English times.
Denard Revived Deneheard dene heard
Denbert Revived Denebeorht dene beorht
Denfrith Revived Denefriþ dene friþ
Denham Lastname Denuhām denu hām
Denley Lastname Denulēah denu lēah
Denmood Revived Denemōd dene mōd
Denton Lastname Denutūn denu tūn
Denver Lastname Denefær dene fær
Denwald Revived Deneweald dene weald
Denwolf Revived Denewulf dene wulf
Denyils Revived Deneġils dene ġīsel
Derbert Revived Dēorbeorht dēor beorht
Derland Lastname Dēorland dēor land
Dermund Revived Dēormūnd dēor mūnd
Dermood Revived Dēormōd dēor mōd
Dernoth Revived Dēornōþ dēor nōþ
Derswith Revived Dēorswīþ dēor swīþ
Derwald Revived Dēorweald dēor weald
Derwolf Revived Dēorwulf dēor wulf
Drayton Lastname Dræġtūn dræġ tūn
Dritnoth Revived Dryhtnōþ dryht nōþ
Drittelm Revived Dryhthelm dryht helm
Dritwald Revived Dryhtweald dryht weald
Dryden Lastname Drȳġedenu drȳġe denu
Dunnar Revived Dunnhere dunn here
Dunstan Lastname Dūnstān dūn stān
Dunton Lastname Dūntūn dūn tūn
Dunwald Revived Dunnweald dunn weald
Durward Lastname Dunnweard dunn weard
Easter Living Ēaster ēaster - A latter-day name, for the now Christianised spring festival, formerly known as a heathen goddess and spring festival. It was found in bind-names but not as a standalone given name in Old English times.
Easton Lastname Ēasttūn ēast tūn
Easterwin Revived Ēasterwine ēaster wine
Edbald Revived Ēadbeald ēad beald Borne by 7th Yhd. King of Kent.
Edbert Living Ēadbert ēad beorht Borne by 8th Yhd. King of Northumbria and by 8th Yhd. King of Kent.
Edbury Revived Ēadburg ēad burg
Eddar Revived Ēadhere ēad here
Eddelm Revived Ēadhelm ēad helm
Eddey Revived Ēadhēah ēad hēah
Edfled Revived Ēadflǣd ēad flǣd
Edfrith Revived Ēadfriþ ēad friþ
Edgar Living Ēadgār ēad gār Borne by the King of the English (959-975).
Edild Revived Ēadhild ēad hild
Edils Revived Ēadġils ēad ġils
Edith Living Ēadgȳþ ēad gȳþ
Edive Revived Ēadġifu ēad ġifu Also shortened in Lastnames as 'Edey'.
Edlof Revived Ēadlāf ēad lāf
Edleaf Revived Ēadlēofu ēad lēof
Edmar Living Ēadmere ēad mere
Edmer Revived Ēadmǣr ēad mǣr
Edmund Living Ēadmūnd ēad mūnd
Ednoth Revived Ēadnōþ ēad nōþ
Edoun Revived Ēadhūn ēad hūn
Edred Living Ēadrǣd ēad rǣd
Edrich Revived Ēadrīċe ēad rīċe Borne by 7th Yhd. King of Kent.
Edsey Revived Ēadsiġe ēad siġe
Edstan Revived Ēadstān ēad stān
Edswith Revived Ēadswīþ ēad swīþ
Edwaker Revived Ēadwacer ēad wacu
Edwald Revived Ēadweald ēad weald
Edward Living Ēadweard ēad weard
Edwin Living Ēadwine ēad wine
Edwina Living Ēadwynn ēad wynn Also a female form of Edwin.
Edwolf Revived Ēadwulf ēad wulf
Edwy Revived Ēadwīġ ēad wīġ
Edyard Revived Ēadġeard ēad ġeard
Emer Revived Ēomǣr eoh mǣr
Egbald Revived Eċġbeald eċġ beald
Egbert Living Eċġbeorht eċġ beorht
Egbury Revived Eċġburg eċġ burg
Egfrith Revived Eċġfriþ eċġ friþ
Eggard Revived Eċġheard eċġ heard
Eggelm Revived Eċġhelm eċġ helm
Eggoun Revived Eċġhūn eċġ hūn
Eglof Revived Eċġlāf eċġ lāf
Egmund Revived Eċġmūnd eċġ mūnd
Egnoth Revived Eċġnōþ eċġ nōþ
Egred Revived Eċġrǣd eċġ rǣd
Egrich Revived Eċġrīċ eċġ rīċe
Egstan Revived Eċġstān eċġ stān
Egwald Revived Eċġweald eċġ weald
Egwel Revived Eċġwealh eċġ wealh
Egwin Revived Eċġwine eċġ wine
Egwolf Revived Eċġwulf eċġ wulf
Eldbert Revived Ealdbeorht eald beorht
Eldelm Revived Ealdhelm eald helm
Eldfrith Revived Ealdfriþ eald friþ
Eldar Revived Ealdhere eald here
Eldith Revived Ealdgȳþ eald gȳþ
Eldred Living Ealdrǣd eald rǣd Also spelled: Aldred.
Eldoun Revived Ealdhūn eald hūn
Elfled Revived Ælfflǣd ælf flǣd
Elfrith Revived Ælfrǣd ælf rǣd
Elfroun Revived Ælfrūn ælf rūn
Elfswith Revived Ælfswīþ ælf swīþ
Elith Revived Ealhgȳþ eald gȳþ Could also be spelled: Alith.
Elmer Lastname Æþelmǣr æþel mǣr See also: Ethelmer.
Elton Lastname Ellastūn ? tūn Borne by songwriter Elton John (1947), who was born as Reginald Dwight, and who named himself after his former band-mate, Elton Dean (1945-2006).
Elver Revived Ælfwaru ælf waru
Elvild Revived Ælfhild ælf hild
Elvive Revived Ælfġifu ælf ġifu
Elvith Revived Ælfgȳþ ælf gȳþ
Elwood Lastname Ellaswudu ? wudu
Enbald Revived Ēanbeald ēan beald
Enbert Revived Ēanbeorht ēan beorht
Enfrith Revived Ēanfriþ ēan friþ
Enfled Revived Ēanflǣd ēan flǣd
Enith Revived Ēangȳþ ēan gȳþ
Ennar Revived Ēanhere ēan here
Enmund Revived Ēanmūnd ēan mūnd
Enred Revived Ēanrǣd ēan rǣd
Enstan Revived Ēanstān ēan stān
Enswith Revived Ēanswīþ ēan swīþ
Enwald Revived Ēanweald ēan weald
Enwin Revived Ēanwine ēan wine
Enyard Revived Ēanġeard ēan ġeard
Enyisl Revived Ēanġisl ēan ġils , ġisl
Erendel Revived Earendel earendel - The star, known in Old Norse folklore as Aurvandill, and borne by J R R Tolkien for the name of Eärendil the Mariner in the Silmarillion.
Erkenbald Revived Eorconbeald eorcon beald Could also be spelled "Arkenbald". Kin with the name Archibald, which was brought by the Normans and had been shaped by the Greek word Archos.
Erkenbert Revived Eorconbeorht eorcon beorht
Erkenwald Revived Eorconweald eorcon weald
Erkenyat Revived Eorconġēat eorcon ġēat Could also be spelled "Arkenyat", by likeness of J R R Tolkien's translation of OE "eorconstān" (great/dear-stone) to Arkenstone for The Hobbit.
Ermenbury Revived Eormenburg eormen burg
Ermenhild Revived Eormenhild eormen hild
Ermenlof Revived Eormenlāf eormen lāf
Ermenred Revived Eormenrǣd eormen rǣd
Ermenrich Revived Eormenrīċ eormen rīċe
Ermenthrith Revived Eormenþrȳþ eormen þrȳþ
Ernwald Revived Earnweald earn weald Kin with the name Arnold, which was brought by the Normans.
Ernwin Revived Earnwine earn wine
Ernwolf Revived Earnwulf earn wulf
Ernwy Revived Earnwīġ earn wīġ
Erpwald Revived Eorpweald eorp weald
Erpwin Revived Eorpwine eorp wine
Esmund Lastname Ēastmūnd ēast mūnd Most often spelled 'Esmond', which is a Norman spelling of the latter word (OE 'mūnd').
Ethel Living Æþel æþel - The name died out but came back in the 19th Yhd. Kin with the Norman name Adele.
Ethelbald Revived Æþelbeald æþel beald Can also be spelled: Athelbald. Borne by 8th Yhd. King of Mercia and by 9th Yhd. King of Wessex.
Ethelbert Living Æþelbeorht æþel beorht Can also be spelled: Athelbert. A short-lived name brought back in the 1800s. Borne by a score of kings from the 6th-9th Yhds, and outstanding Americans of the 1800s, such as Ethelbert Watts (1846–1919). Kin with the Norman name Albert.
Ethelbrand Revived Æþelbrand æþel brand Can also be spelled: Athelbrand.
Ethelbury Revived Æþelburg æþel burg Can also be spelled: Athelbury.
Etheleaf Revived Æþellēof æþel lēof Can also be spelled: Athelleaf.
Ethelfled Revived Æþelflǣd æþel flǣd Can also be spelled: Athelfled. Borne by the daughter of Alfred the Great and Lady of Mercia in the 9th Yhd.
Ethelfrith Revived Æþelfriþ æþel friþ Can also be spelled: Athelfrith. Borne by 6th-7th Yhd. King of Bernicia.
Ethelgar Revived Æþelgār æþel gār Can also be spelled: Athelgar.
Ethelith Revived Æþelgȳþ æþel gȳþ Can also be spelled: Athelith.
Ethelive Revived Æþelġifu æþel ġifu Can also be spelled: Athelive.
Ethellar Revived Æþelhere æþel here Can also be spelled: Athellar. Borne by 7th Yhd. King of East Anglia.
Ethellard Revived Æþelheard , Æþeġeard æþel heard , ġeard Can also be spelled: Athellard. A blend of two Old English names that would likely have blended into one another over time. Æþelheard was borne by 8th Yhd. King of Wessex.
Ethellelm Revived Æþelhelm æþel helm Can also be spelled: Athellelm.
Ethelley Revived Æþelhēah æþel hēah Can also be spelled: Athelley.
Ethellild Revived Æþelhild æþel hild Can also be spelled: Athellild.
Ethelloun Revived Æþelhūn æþel hūn Can also be spelled: Athelloun.
Ethelman Revived Æþelmann æþel mann Can also be spelled: Athelman.
Ethelmer Revived Æþelmǣr æþel mǣr Can also be spelled: Athelmer. Kin with Elmer, which is a shortening, from the same Old English name.
Ethelmund Revived Æþelmūnd æþel mūnd Can also be spelled: Athelmund.
Ethelmood Revived Æþelmōd æþel mōd Can also be spelled: Athelmood.
Ethelnoth Revived Æþelnōþ æþel nōþ Can also be spelled: Athelnoth.
Ethelred Revived Æþelrǣd æþel rǣd Can also be spelled: Athelred. Borne by 7th Yhd. King of Mercia, by 8th and 9th Yhd. kings of Northumbria, by 9th Yhd. King of East Anglia, by 9th Yhd. King of Kent and by 9th Yhd. King of Wessex.
Ethelrich Revived Æþelrīc æþel rīc Can also be spelled: Athelrich. King of Bernicia and by 6th-7th Yhd. King of Deira.
Ethelsey Revived Æþelsiġe æþel siġe Can also be spelled: Athelsey.
Ethelstan Revived Æþelstān æþel stān See: Athelstan.
Ethelswith Revived Æþelswīþ æþel swīþ Can also be spelled: Athelswith. Borne by a Queen of Mercia in the 9th Yhd.
Ethelthrith Revived Æþelþrȳþ æþel þrȳþ Can also be spelled: Athelthrith. Borne by the Holywoman and Queen of Northumbria and The Fens in the 7th Yhd. Kin with the Norman name Audrey.
Ethelwald Revived Æþelweald æþel weald Can also be spelled: Athelwald. Borne by 7th Yhd. King of East Anglia, by 7th Yhd. King of Deira and by 8th Yhd. King of Northumbria.
Ethelward Revived Æþelweard æþel weard Can also be spelled: Athelward. Borne by 9th Yhd. King of East Anglia.
Ethelwel Revived Æþelwealh æþel wealh Can also be spelled: Athelwel. Borne by 7th Yhd. King of Sussex.
Ethelwin Revived Æþelwine ♂ , Æþelwynn ♀ æþel wine , wynn Can also be spelled: Athelwin. Borne by an English holyman of the 7th Yhd, and another of the 11th Yhd.
Ethelwolf Living Æþelwulf æþel wulf Can also be spelled: Athelwolf. Borne by 9th Yhd. King of Kent and by 9th Yhd. King of Wessex. Kin with the German name Adolf.
Ethelwy Revived Æþelwīġ æþel wīge Can also be spelled: Athelwy.
Ethelyard Revived Æþelġeard æþel ġeard Can also be spelled: Athelyard. Kin with Edelgard.
Everard Lastname Eoferheard eofer heard Likely a blend of the Old English "Eoferheard" and Norman "Eburhard", though the OE shape would likely yield the same outcome, even if it had died out.
Everwin Revived Eoferwine eofer wine Also found shortened in names such as Irwin and Erwin.
Fairchild Lastname Fæġerċild fæġer ċild
Farman Revived Færmann fær mann
Farnham Lastname Fearnhām fearn hām
Farnley Lastname Fearnlēah fearn lēah
Farnoth Revived Færnōþ fær nōþ Not found in OE, a theoretical sibword to the name Ferdinand.
Fastwolf Revived Fæstwulf fæst wulf
Felton Lastname Feldtūn feld tūn
Felyeld Revived Feoluġeld feld ġeld
Fenton Lastname Fenntūn fenn tūn
Fenwick Lastname Fennwīċ fenn wīċ
Fleetwood Lastname Flēotwudu flēot wudu Spread by the rock band Fleetwood Mac.
Folkbert Revived Folcbeorht folc beorht
Folkbury Revived Folcburg folc burg
Folkard Revived Folcheard folc heard
Folkar Revived Folchere folc here
Folkwald Revived Folcweald folc weald
Folkwin Revived Folcwine folc wine
Freeman Lastname Frēomann frēo mann
Frelof Revived Frēalāf frēa lāf
Frewin Revived Frēawine ♂ , Frēawynn ♀ frēa wine, wynn
Frewer Revived Frēawaru frēa waru Also found as the lastname Frewer, from Frēowaru, where the first bit is from frēo (free, highborn).
Frewolf Revived Frēawulf frēa wulf
Frith Living Friþ friþ -
Frithbert Revived Friþubeorht friþ beorht
Frithgar Revived Friþugār friþ gār
Frithelm Revived Friþuhelm friþ helm
Frithith Revived Friþugȳþ friþ gȳþ
Frithlof Revived Friþulāf friþ lāf
Frithmund Revived Friþumūnd friþ mūnd
Frithred Revived Friþurǣd friþ rǣd
Frithrich Revived Friþurīċ friþ rīċ
Frithstan Revived Friþustān friþ stān
Frithswith Revived Friþuswīþ friþ swīþ
Frithwald Revived Friþuweald friþ weald
Frithwin Revived Friþuwine friþ wine
Frithwolf Revived Friþuwulf friþ wulf
Frithyard Revived Friþuġeard friþ ġeard
Frithyils Revived Friþuġils friþ ġīsel
Frodo Living Frōda frōd - A name spread by J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.
Gar Revived Gara gār -
Garfield Lastname Gārfeld gār feld Spread by American president James Garfield (1831-1881), and later by the comic strip Garfield by Jim Davis (1945-present).
Garland Lastname Gārland gār land
Garmund Revived Gārmūnd gār mūnd
Garthrist Revived Gārþrist gār þrist
Garwald Revived Gārweald gār weald
Garwin Revived Gārwine gār wine
Garwolf Revived Gārwulf gār wulf
Gladwin Lastname Glædwine glæd wine
Goddard Lastname Godheard god heard A blend of the Old English name Godheard and Norman name Godard, which spring from the same Germanic name.
Godfrith Revived Godfriþ god friþ Kin with Norman names such as Godfrey and Geoffrey.
Godiva Living Godġifu god ġifu Anglish spelling: Godive. Living name from a Latin shape of OE Godġifu. Borne by Lady Godiva in the 11th Yhd.
Godshalk Revived Gōdṡċealc gōd ṡċealc
Godwin Living Godwine god wine
Goodar Revived Gōdhere gōd here
Goodman Lastname Gōdmann gōd mann
Goodey Revived Gōdġifu gōd ġifu
Goodie Revived Gōde gōd -
Goodwife Revived Gōdwīf gōd wīf
Goodwin Revived Gōdwine ♂ , Gōdwynn ♀ frēa wine, wynn
Goodwolf Revived Gōdwulf gōd wulf
Goodwy Revived Gōdwīġ gōd wīġe
Gorham Lastname Gārhām gār hām
Gorton Lastname Gārtūn gār tūn
Gresham Lastname Græshām græs hām
Grimbald Revived Grimbeald grim beald
Guthlock Revived Gūþlāc gȳþ lāċ
Hadkin Revived Hǣþcyn hǣþ cynn
Hadley Lastname Hǣþlēah hǣþ lēah
Hadwy Revived Heaþuwīġe heaþu wīġe Kin with the German name Hedwig.
Halfdan Revived Healfdene healf dene
Hamilton Lastname Hameldūn hamel dūn
Hamrich Hypothetical *Hāmrīċ hām rīċe Not known to be a name in Old English Times, but if it were, it would be kin with the name Henry, which was brought to England by the Normans.
Handshoe Revived Hondṡċio hond ṡċio "Glove". Friend of Beowulf in the epic poem Beowulf.
Harbald Revived Herebeald here beald
Harbert Revived Herebeorht here beorht Lives on in the Norman-swayed name Herbert.
Hardbert Revived Heardbeorht heard beorht
Hardred Revived Heardrǣd heard rǣd
Hardwick Lastname Heardwiċ heard wiċ
Hardwin Lastname Heardwine heard wine
Harfrith Revived Herefriþ here friþ
Harich Revived Hererīċ here rīċe
Harith Revived Heregȳþ here gȳþ
Harland Lastname Haralond hara lond
Harley Lastname Haralēah hara lēah
Harman Revived Haramann here mann Lives on as a lastname.
Harmer Revived Haramǣr here mǣr
Harmood Revived Haramōd here mōd
Harold Living Hereweald here weald Could also be spelled: Harwald. The -old ending instead of -wald is likely owed to being shaped by its Norse kin, Haraldr. Died out after the Norman overthrow, brought back in the 19th Yhd.
Harred Revived Hererǣd here rǣd
Harsey Revived Heresiġe here siġe
Harstan Revived Herestān here stān
Harswith Revived Hereswīþ here swīþ
Hartford Lastname Heorotford heorot ford
Hartley Lastname Heorotlēah heorot lēah
Hartwell Lastname Heorotwille heorot wille
Harwald Revived Hereweald here weald
Harward Revived Hereweard here weard See also: Hereward. Borne by Hereward the Wake, an 11th Yhd man who fought back the 1066 Norman overthrow of England. Also kin with the Norse name Harvard.
Harwin Revived Herewine here wine
Harwolf Revived Herewulf here wulf
Hathaway Lastname Hǣþaweġ hǣþ weġ Borne by the actress Anne Hathaway.
Hathbald Revived Hǣþubeald hǣþ beald
Hathbert Revived Hǣþubeorht hǣþ beorht
Hathfrith Revived Hǣþufriþ hǣþ friþ
Hathlof Revived Hǣþulāf hǣþ lāf
Hathlock Revived Hǣþulāc hǣþ lāc
Hathred Revived Hǣþurǣd hǣþ rǣd
Hathrich Revived Hǣþurīċ hǣþ rīċe The name of a hero in the great poem Widsith.
Hathwald Revived Hǣþuweald hǣþ weald
Hathwolf Revived Hǣþuwulf hǣþ wulf
Hayden Lastname Heġedenu heġ denu , dūn Linked only by likeness to the composer Franz Joseph Haydn, whose name comes instead from the Netherlandish word for 'heathen'. The likeness to the Irish name Aidan is also coincidental.
Hayley Lastname Heġelēah heġ lēah Also spelled: Haley. Borne by the English child actress Hayley Mills (b. 1946).
Hayward Lastname Heġeweard heġ weard
Haywood Lastname Heġewudu heġ wudu
Heath Living Hǣþa hǣþ - Borne by the drawer William Heath Robinson (1872—1944), whose name spurred the saying “Heath Robinson” for an overly knotty tool.
Heather Living Hǣþe hǣþþre - See also Heath.
Helmstan Revived Helmstān helm stān
Helmweald Revived Helmweald helm weald
Helmwolf Revived Helmwulf helm wulf
Helmyils Revived Helmġils helm ġīsel
Helstan Revived Helstān hel stān
Helwald Revived Helweald hel weald
Hereward Fossilised Hereweard here weard See also: Harward. Borne by Hereward the Wake, an 11th Yhd man who fought back the 1066 Norman overthrow of England. Hereward is a fossilised spelling of a name that would most likely be spelled 'Harward' through more natural development. (See words like 'harbor', or names like 'Harold' and 'Alvar'.)
Hergar Revived Heorugār heoru gār
Herolf Revived Heorulf heoru wulf
Herrend Revived Heorrenda heoru rand A poet from the Battle of the Heodenings.
Herstan Revived Heorustān heoru stān
Herwald Revived Heoruweald heoru weald
Herward Revived Heoruweard heoru weard
Heybert Revived Hēahbeorht hēah beorht
Heybury Revived Hēahburg hēah burg
Heyfrith Revived Hēahfriþ hēah friþ
Heymund Revived Hēahmūnd hēah mūnd Kin with the Norman name Hammond.
Heynoth Revived Hēahnōþ hēah nōþ
Heyred Revived Hēahrǣd hēah rǣd
Heystan Revived Hēahstān hēah stān
Heyward Revived Hēahweard hēah weard Kin with the name Howard, thought to be from a name, such as mainland Hugihard (akin to Hugh-hard) or Norse Hávarđr.
Heywolf Revived Hēahwulf hēah wulf
Hild Revived Hild hild -
Hildbald Revived Hildbeald hild beald
Hildbert Revived Hildbeorht hild beorht
Hildbury Revived Hildburg hild burg
Hildfrith Revived Hildfriþ hild friþ
Hildmer Revived Hildmǣr hild mǣr
Hildred Living Hildrǣd hild rǣd Died out following the Norman overthrow and was brought back in the 19th Yhd.
Hildwin Revived Hildwine ♂ , Hildwynn ♀ hild wine
Hildyard Revived Hildġeard hild ġeard Kin with the name Hildegard, as borne by Hildegard von Bingen.
Hilton Lastname Hylltūn hyll tūn
Hisbert Revived Hysebeorht hyse beorht
Hisnoth Revived Hysenōþ hyse nōþ
Holden Lastname Holdenu hol denu From the Lastname Holden, and borne by the player Holden Caulfield in the J D Salinger book Catcher in the Rye (1951).
Holly Living - holegn - Not known to be a name in Old English times.
Horton Lastname Horhtūn horh tūn Borne by the main player in the Dr. Seuss books Horton Hatches the Egg, and Horton Hears a Who.
Hope Living - hopian - A puritanical name. Not known to be a name in Old English times.
Hunfrith Revived Hūnfriþ hūn friþ
Hunith Revived Hūngȳþ hūn gȳþ
Hunive Revived Hūnġifu hūn ġifu
Hunlof Revived Hūnlāf hūn lāf
Hunred Revived Hūnrǣd hūn rǣd
Hunsey Revived Hūnsiġe hūn siġe
Hunstan Revived Hūnstān hūn stān
Hunter Living Hunta ♂ , Hunto ♀ hunt -
Huntley Lastname Huntlēah hunt lēah
Hunwald Revived Hūnweald hūn weald
Hybald Revived Hygebeald hyge beald
Hybert Revived Hygebeorht hyge beorht
Hylock Revived Hygelāc hyge lāc
Ingbrand Revived Ingbrand Ing brand
Ingwald Revived Ingweald Ing weald
Irwin Lastname Eoferwine eofer wine Also spelled: Erwin. A shortening of the Middle English name Everwin that lives on as a Lastname.
Ivy Living - ifiġ - Not known to be a given name in Old English times.
Kenbert Revived Cēnbeorht cēne beorht
Kenbury Revived Cēnburg cēne burg
Kenelm Lastname Cēnhelm cēne helm The short name 'Ken' is likely unlinked, from a Celtic name such as 'Kenneth'.
Kenfrith Revived Cēnfriþ cēne friþ
Kenfous Revived Cēnfūs cēne fūs Borne by 7th Yhd. King of Wessex.
Kennar Revived Cēnhere cēne here
Kennard Revived Cēnheard cēne heard
Kenlof Revived Cēnlāf cēne lāf
Kenred Revived Cēnrǣd cēne rǣd Died out in the Middle Ages, and was borrowed back from Germany in the 19th Yhd. as the name Conrad. Borne by 8th Yhd. King of Mercia and by 8th Yhd. King of Northumbria.
Kenswith Revived Cēnswīþ cēne swīþ
Kenthrith Revived Cēnþrȳþ cēne þrȳþ
Kenwald Revived Cēnweald cēne weald
Kenwel Revived Cēnwealh cēne wealh Borne by 7th Yhd. King of Wessex.
Kenwin Revived Cēnwine ♂ , Cēnwynn ♀ cēne wine , wynn
Kenwolf Revived Cēnwulf cēne wulf Borne by 8th-9th Yhd. King of Mercia.
Kenyisl Revived Cēnġīsl cēne ġīsel
Kimber Living Cyneburg cyne burg See also: Kinbury.
Kimberley Living Cyneburgaslēah cyne burg + lēah
Kinbald Revived Cynebeald cyne beald
Kinbert Revived Cynebeorht cyne beorht
Kinbill Revived Cynebill cyne bill
Kinbury Revived Cyneburg cyne burg See also: Kimber.
Kinfrith Revived Cynefriþ cyne friþ
Kingsley Lastname Cynningaslēah cynning lēah
Kingston Lastname Cynningastūn cynning tūn
Kingswell Lastname Cynningaswille cynning wille
Kinleaf Revived Cynelēof cyne lēof
Kinnard Revived Cyneheard cyne heard
Kinnild Revived Cynehild cyne hild
Kinmund Revived Cynemūnd cyne mūnd
Kinred Revived Cynerǣd cyne rǣd
Kinrich Revived Cynerīċ cyne rīċe
Kinsey Lastname Cynesiġe cyne siġe
Kinsley Lastname Cyneslēah cyne lēah
Kinstan Revived Cynestān cyne stān
Kinthane Revived Cyneþeġn cyne þeġn
Kinwald Revived Cyneweald cyne weald
Kinwin Revived Cynewine ♂ , Cynewynn ♀ cyne wine, wynn
Kinwolf Revived Cynewulf cyne wulf
Kinyils Revived Cyneġīls cyne ġīsel
Knightley Lastname Cnihtlēah cniht lēah
Langdon Lastname Langdūn lang dūn
Langford Lastname Langford lang ford
Langley Lastname Langlēah lang lēah
Langston Lastname Langstān lang stān
Langworth Lastname Langworþ lang worþ
Layton Lastname Lēactūn lēac tūn
Leaf Living Lēof ♀ , Lēofa ♂ lēof - A blend of the everyday English word "leaf" of a plant, and the Old English name "lēof" (beloved), which is kin with the Norse name "Lief"/"Leif", from "Leifr", and which likely backed up the bearing of the word "Leaf" as a name, which was a making of 1960s hippy culture.
Lechild Revived Lēofċild lēof ċild
Ledfrith Revived Lēodfriþ lēod friþ
Ledwald Revived Lēodweald lēod weald
Ledwolf Revived Lēodwulf lēod wulf
Lefled Revived Lēofflǣd lēof flǣd
Lefrich Revived Lēofrīċe lēof rīċe
Lefrith Revived Lēoffriþ lēof friþ
Legar Revived Lēofgār lēof gār
Leland Lastname Lēahland lēah land Also spelled: Leyland.
Leman Living Lēofmann lēof mann Lives on as a lastname (also spelled "Lemmon"), and in the English word "leman", meaning someone beloved.
Lemer Revived Lēofmǣr lēof mǣr
Lenoth Revived Lēofnōþ lēof nōþ
Lequen Revived Lēofcwēn lēof cwēn Anglish spelling: Lecwen.
Leroun Revived Lēofrūn lēof rūn
Lesey Revived Lēofsiġe lēof siġe
Leson Revived Lēofsunu lēof sunu
Lestan Revived Lēofstān lēof stān
Leving Revived Lēofing lēof ing
Leward Revived Lēofweard lēof weard
Lewer Revived Lēofwaru lēof waru
Lewin Living Lēofwine lēof wine
Leyive Revived Lēofġifu lēof ġifu
Lily Living - lilie - Not known to be a given name in Old English times.
Livingston Lastname Lēofwinestūn lēof wine + tūn
Lothar Revived Hlōþhere hlōþ here
Luddar Revived Hlūdhere hlūd here
Ludlum Lastname Hlūdhlǣwhām hlūd lǣw + hām
Ludwy Hypothetical *Hlūdwīġe hlūd wīġe Not known to be a name in Old English Times, but if it were, it would be kin with the names Alois, Clovis, Lewis, Louis and Ludwig.
Mainar Revived Mæġenhere mæġen here
Mainard Lastname Mæġenheard mæġen heard The last name is likely from the Anglo-Norman "Mainard", though the OE shape, "Mæġenheard", would likely yield the same outcome, even if it had died out.
Marston Lastname Merṡċtūn merṡċ tūn
Marwood Lastname Merewudu mere wudu
Mathellard Revived Mæþelheard mæþel heard
Melbourne Lastname Mylenburne mylen burne Most often named for the head city in the Australian state of Victoria. See also: Milburn.
Merhard Revived Mǣrheard mǣr heard
Merryweather Lastname - myrġe weþer From a lastname which first began as a nickname in Middle English, meaning merry, good, or fair weather.
Merton Lastname Meretūn mere tūn
Merwel Revived Merewealh mere wealh
Merwhite Revived Merehwīt mere hwīt
Merwin Revived Merewynn mere wynn
Middleton Lastname Middeltūn middel tūn
Milburn Lastname Mylenburne mylen burne See also: Melbourne.
Mildred Living Mildþrȳþ mild þrȳþ Could also be spelled: Mildrith
Milford Lastname Mylenford mylen ford
Millard Lastname Mylenweard mylen weard
Milton Lastname Mylentūn mylen tūn
Modwulf Revived Mōdwulf mōd wulf
Monday Living Monandæġ mōna dæġ
Morcar Revived Mōrcār mōr cār
Morland Lastname Mōrland mōr land
Morley Lastname Mōrlēah mōr lēah
Morton Lastname Mōrtūn mōr tūn
Mycroft Lastname Mǣdcroft mǣd croft From a shape of the lastname "Medcroft", where the -d was lost. Borne by the player Mycroft in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's tales, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
Newcombe Lastname Nēowecume nēowe cume
Newland Lastname Nēoweland nēowe land
Newman Lastname Nēowemann nēowe mann
Newport Lastname Nēoweport nēowe port
Newton Lastname Nēowetūn nēowe tūn
Nithad Revived Nīþhād nīþ hād A cruel king in Germanic folklore.
Nithard Revived Nīþheard nīþ heard
Nithmund Revived Nīþmūnd nīþ mūnd
Norbert Living Norþbeorht norþ beorht A blend of the inborn Old English name, and the Norman Frankish name. Borne by an 11th Yhd. Holyman of Xanten, Germany.
Norman Living Norþmann norþ mann A name borne in Old English and backed up by the Normans of Normandy following the overthrow of 1066. The name itself, literally: north-man, wises to someone being of the north, often meaning "viking", or of the Nordic or Scandinavian region.
Northrop Lastname Norþþorp norþ þorp From a lastname that has a metastasis of "thorp" to "throp".
Norton Lastname Norþtun norþ tūn
Norwood Lastname Norwudu norþ wudu
Nothar Revived Nōþhere nōþ here
Nothard Revived Nōþheard nōþ heard
Nothbald Revived Nōþbeald nōþ beald
Nothbert Revived Nōþbeorht nōþ beorht
Nothelm Revived Nōþhelm nōþ helm Borne by a 7th-8th Yhd. King of Sussex.
Nothith Revived Nōþgȳþ nōþ gȳþ
Nothmund Revived Nōþmūnd nōþ mūnd
Nothwolf Revived Nōþwulf nōþ wulf
Oakbald Revived Ācbeald āc beald
Oakfrith Revived Ācfriþ āc friþ Not known as a living given name, but is the name of a Wood in Wiltsire.
Oakley Lastname Āclēah āc lēah See also Ackley.
Oakwolf Revived Ācwulf āc wulf
Odell Lastname Wādhyll wād hyll
Ogden Lastname Ācdenu āc denu
Onel Revived Onela - -
Onyenthew Revived Anġenþēow anġen þēow
Ordbert Revived Ordbeorht ord beorht
Ordfrith Revived Ordfriþ ord friþ
Ordgar Revived Ordgār ord gār
Ordhelm Revived Ordhelm ord helm
Ordhey Revived Ordhēah ord hēah
Ordlof Revived Ordlāf ord lāf
Ordmer Revived Ordmǣr ord mǣr
Ordnoth Revived Ordnōþ ord nōþ
Ordrich Revived Ordrīċ ord rīċe
Ordwald Revived Ordweald ord weald
Ordwolf Revived Ordwulf ord wulf
Osbald Revived Ōsbeald ōs beald Borne by an 8th Yhd. King of Northumbria.
Osbert Living Ōsbeorht ōs beorht
Osborn Living Ōsbeorn ōs beorn The word beorn, as found in OE bindnames, may have a root meaning of a man/child, and may not come from the same root word as beorn, found in Mainland Europe, meaning bear. It may therefore be mistakenly linked with Mainland European names such as Berengar.
Osbury Revived Ōsburg ōs burg
Osfrith Revived Ōsfriþ ōs friþ
Osgar Revived Ōsgār ōs gār While the living name Oscar may come from the Old English name Ōsgār, it's more likely that it instead comes from the Irish name Oscair, making it unlinked to the Old English name, which seems to have died out.
Osgood Lastname Ōsgōd ōs gōd
Oslock Revived Ōslāc ōs lāc Borne by an 8th Yhd. King of Sussex.
Oslof Revived Ōslāf ōs lāf
Osmer Lastname Ōsmǣr ōs mǣr
Osmood Revived Ōsmōd ōs mōd
Osmund Living Ōsmūnd ōs mūnd Also found by the Norman-spelling of "Osmond". Borne by an 11th Yhd. holyman who was appointed to the see of Salisbury by William of Normandy.
Osred Living Ōsrǣd ōs rǣd Borne by two 8th Yhd. kings of Northumbria. Died out following the Norman overthrow. Brought back in the 20th Yhd.
Osrich Revived Ōsrīċ ōs rīċe Borne by a 7th Yhd. King of Deira, by an 8th Yhd. King of Northumbria and by an 8th Yhd. King of Sussex.
Osselm Revived Ōshelm ōs helm Kin with the Norse name Ansel, or Anselm, which was borne by the photographer Ansel Easton Adams (1902-1984).
Osser Revived Ōshere ōs here
Osthrith Revived Ōsþrȳþ ōs þrȳþ
Oswald Living Ōswald ōs weald Borne by the 7th Yhd. King of Northumbria who fought against Penda Pybbing (the last great heathen king of mainland England) who was martyred in death. Also borne by a 10th Yhd. bishop who was venerated for his works at reforming the church. The name died out in the middle ages and was brought back in the 19th Yhd.
Osward Revived Ōsweard ōs weard
Oswin Living Ōswine ōs wine Born by a 7th. Yhd. King of Northumbria (kin to Oswald of Northumbria) who was also canonised as a martyr. The name died out about the 15th Yhd. and was brought back in the 19th Yhd.
Oswood Revived Ōswudu ōs wudu
Oswolf Revived Ōswulf ōs wulf
Oswy Living Ōswīġ ōs wīġ
Ottar Revived Ōhtere ōht here
Outred Revived Ūhtrǣd ūt rǣd Borne by Uhtred of Bebbanburg in Bernard Cornwell’s ‘Saxon Series’, built on the life of Utred the Bold of the 11th Yhd and the happenings of Alfred the Great. The revived given name is shaped after the lastname sprung from the living name that has since died out, Outred (also spelled Oughtred). See also: Uhtred.
Oz Living Ōsa ōs - A shortening of names such as Oswald or Oswin.
Pendleton Lastname Pinndæltūn pinn dæl + tūn
Penley Lastname Pinnlēah pinn lēah The first deal of the name, "pinn" can mean either a headland, or livestock pen.
Pillard Revived Pīlheard pīl heard
Playard Revived Pleġheard plēg heard
Playbert Revived Pleġbeorht plēg beorht
Playmund Revived Pleġmūnd plēg mūnd
Playred Revived Pleġrǣd plēg rǣd
Playwin Revived Pleġwine plēg wine
Portland Lastname Portland port land Often named after any of the widely known cities, such as Portland, Oregon; Portland, Maine; or Portland, England.
Prescott Lastname Prēostcot prēost cot
Presley Lastname Prēostlēah prēost lēah Often named after the rock and roll singer, Elvis Presley (1935-1977).
Preston Lastname Prēosttūn prēost tūn
Queen Living Cwēn cwēn - In Old English times, queen was a word that meant any woman, only only the king's wife. As 'Qu-' is from French inflow, this could be spelled as Cween for a more inborn spelling.
Queenie Living Cwēn cwēn - Spread in the Victorian era in honor of Queen Victoria. As 'Qu-' is from French inflow, this could be spelled as Cween for a more inborn spelling.
Quenbury Revived Cwēnburg cwēn burg Anglish spelling: Cwenbury.
Quenith Revived Cwēngȳþ cwēn gȳþ Anglish spelling: Cwenith.
Quenthrith Revived Cwēnþrȳþ cwēn þrȳþ Anglish spelling: Cwenthrith.
Quickhelm Revived Cwichelm cwic helm Anglish spelling: Cwickhelm.
Quickwin Revived Cwicwine cwic wine Anglish spelling: Cwickwin.
Quinton Lastname Cwēntūn cwēn tūn Shaped by, but not wordlorely linked with the French name Quentin, which instead comes from Latin Quintinus, meaning 'fifth born child'.
Radburn Lastname Rēadburne rēad burne
Radcliff Lastname Rēadcliff rēad cliff
Radford Lastname Rēadford rēad ford
Radley Lastname Rēadlēah rēad lēah
Rainar Living Reġenhere reġen here Blended with the Norman name, Reiner, and kin with the Norse name Ragnar.
Rainbow Living - reġn boga Not known as a given name in Old English times. A name that sprung out of the hippy culture of the 1960s.
Raingar Revived Reġengār reġen gār
Rainhold Revived Reġenhold reġen hold
Rainwald Revived Reġenweald reġen weald Kin with the Norman name Reginald, and Norse Ronald.
Rainward Revived Reġenweard reġen weard
Raleigh Lastname Rālēah lēah Often named after the poet and explorer Sir Walter Raleigh (1552-1618).
Ramsden Lastname Rammsdenu ramm denu
Ramsey Lastname Hramsīeġ hramsan īeġ Also spelled: Ramsay.
Raven Living *Hræfn hræfn - A name that is made from an Old English word but may not have been a given name in Old English times.
Reddar Revived Rǣdhere rǣd here
Redfrith Revived Rǣdfriþ rǣd friþ
Rednoth Revived Rǣdnōþ rǣd nōþ
Redrich Revived Rǣdrīċ rǣd rīċe
Redwald Revived Rǣdweald rǣd weald
Redwin Revived Rǣdwine rǣd wine
Redwolf Revived Rǣdwulf rǣd wulf
Richard Living Rīċheard rīċe heard A name spread by the Normans but whose shape would likely blend with its seldom-used, Old English match.
Richbert Revived Rīċbeorht rīċe beorht
Richsey Revived Rīċsiġe rīċe siġe Borne by a 9th Yhd. King of Northumbria.
Ridgeway Lastname Hryċġweġ hryċġ weġ
Ridgeley Lastname Hryċġlēah hryċġ lēah
Ridley Lastname Hrēodlēah hrēod lēah
Riley Lastname Ryġelēah ryġe lēah Also spelled: Ryley. Not linked with the Irish name "Reilley", which comes from from Gaelic "Raghallach".
Rose Living - rōse - A name borne through Middle English but not known to be a given name in Old English times. It may have started in English as a shape of the nickname "horse", such as from Old Norse "hross".
Rothbert Revived Hrōþbeorht hrōþ beorht
Rothgar Revived Hrōþgār hrōþ gār Kin with the Norman name "Roger".
Rothmund Revived Hrōþmūnd hrōþ mūnd
Rothrich Revived Hrōþrīċ hrōþ rīċ
Rothwer Revived Hrōþwaru hrōþ waru
Rothwin Revived Hrōþwine hrōþ wine
Rothwolf Revived Hrōþwulf hrōþ wulf
Rudyard Lastname Rudġeard rud ġeard
Rutherford Lastname Hrȳþerford hrȳþer ford Borne by Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the United States.
Rycroft Lastname Ryġecroft ryġe croft
Saxbury Revived Seaxburg seax burg
Seabury Revived Sǣburg burg
Seafled Revived Sǣflǣd flǣd
Seathrith Revived Sǣþrȳþ þrȳþ
Sebert Revived Siġebeorht siġe beorht
Sefrith Revived Siġefriþ siġe friþ
Selbury Revived Seleburg sele burg
Selthrith Revived Seleþrȳþ sele þrȳþ
Seward Lastname Siġeweard siġe weard
Shelley Lastname Ṡċylflēah ṡċylf lēah Not wordlorely linked with the Irish name Shelley, which is from Irish Gaelic Sealbhaigh.
Shepherd Lastname Cealfhierde cealf hierde
Shirley Lastname Ṡċīrlēah ṡċīr lēah
Sidney Lastname Sīdenēah sīde nēah Also spelled: Sydney.
Stanley Lastname Stānlēah stān lēah
Storm Living - storm - Seems to first become a given name in the 20th Yhd. Not known to be a given name in Old English times.
Sunday Living Sunnandæġ sunne dæġ
Theddild Revived Þēodhild þeod hild
Thedrich Revived Þēodrīc þeod rīċe Kin with Old Low German Dederick, which yields Derek, Derreck, Derrick.
Thurstan Lastname Þurstān þur stān Also spelled: Thurston. The Old English name also yielded lastnames such as Duston and Dustin.
Tidbert Revived Tīdbeorht tīd beorht
Tidbury Revived Tīdburg tīd burg
Tidfrith Revived Tīdfriþ tīd friþ
Tortith Revived Torhtgȳþ torht gȳþ
Tuesday Living Tīwesdæġ Anglish spelling: Tewsday.
Uhtred Fossilised Ūhtrǣd ūt rǣd Borne by Uhtred of Bebbanburg in Bernard Cornwell’s ‘Saxon Series’, built on the life of Utred the Bold of the 11th Yhd and the happenings of Alfred the Great. See also: Outred.
Upton Lastname Upptūn upp tūn
Wade Lastname Wada wadan -
Waldar Revived Wealdhere weald here
Walden Lastname Wealdene wealh denu
Walder Lastname Wald wald -
Walker Lastname Wealcere wealc -
Warbury Revived Wærburg waru burg
Ward Lastname Wearda weard -
Warthrith Revived Wærþrȳþ waru þrȳþ
Wayland Lastname Welhand wel hand
Welthrith Revived Wealhþrȳþ wealh þrȳþ
Wesley Lastname Westlēah west lēah
Whitley Lastname Hwītlēah hwīt lēah
Whitney Lastname Hwītnēah hwīt nēah
Widsith Revived Wīdsīþ wīd sīþ
Wilfled Revived Wilflǣd will flǣd
Wilfrith Lastname Wilfriþ will friþ
Willelm Revived Wilhelm will helm Can also be spelled: Wilhelm. Overtaken by its Norman match, William.
Wilnoth Revived Wilnōþ will nōþ
Winfled Revived Wynnflǣd wynn flǣd
Witbury Revived Wihtburg with burg
Witfled Revived Wihtflǣd with flǣd
Wolf Living Wulfa , Offa wulf -
Wolfled Revived Wulfflǣd wulf flǣd
Wolfgar Revived Wulfgār wulf gār
Wolfroun Lastname Wulfrūn wulf rūn The name died out as a given name but lives on as the English Lastname Wolfroun.
Wolswith Revived Wulfswīþ wulf swīþ
Wolthrith Revived Wulfþrȳþ wulf þrȳþ
Wolver Revived Wulfwaru wulf waru
Wolvin Revived Wulfwine ♂ , Wolfwynn ♀ wulf wine , wynn
Wolvith Revived Wulfgȳþ wulf gȳþ
Wolvive Revived Wulfġifu wulf ġifu
Wybury Revived Wīġburg wīġ burg
Wyswith Revived Wīġswīþ wīġ swīþ
Yardley Lastname Ġeardlēah ġeard lēah
Yenbald Revived Ġēanbald gēan beald
Yenbert Revived Ġēanbeorht gēan bert
Yenbury Revived Ġēanburg gēan burg
Yenred Revived Ġēanred gēan rǣd
Yenthrith Revived Ġēanþrȳþ gēan þrȳþ

Names from Brythonic

Name Kind Whence Notes
Cadmon Cædmon
Name Kind Whence Notes
Donald Domhnall

Names from Greek & Latin

Greek & Latin
Name Kind Whence Notes
Ayax Aiāx kin: Ajax
Chester castrum
Fillip Φίλιππος kin: Philip, Phil, Filippo, Philippe
Mark Marcus kin: Marcus, Marco, Marcellus, Martin (The element 'Mark' found in English lastnames such as Markham is unrelated and comes from the Old English word mierċe, meaning a border/edge, as in the land of Mercia -- the historical Borderlands between England and Wales, and The Mark from Tolkien's writings.)
Louk? Lūcās kin: Luke, Lucas, Luca
Yason Ιάσων kin: Jason, Giasone

Names from Hebrew & Aramaic

Hebrew & Aramaic
Name Kind Whence Notes
Benyamin ‎♂ בִּנְיָמִין kin: Benjamin, Ben
Yakob Iacob kin: James, Jacob, Jack, Jacques, Iago, Jeb, Giacomo, Seamus, Jim, Josephine
Yesu ‎♂‎ יֵשׁוּע kin: Joshua, Jesus
Yohanna Iohanna kin: Jean, Joan, Johanna, Siobhán, Joana
Yohannes Iohannes kin: John, Johan, Hans, Giovanni, Jean, Juan, Evan, Ian, Ivan

Making Your Own Name

The following is a hoard of words that are often found in English bindnames. (Further reading on Germanic Names on Wikipedia.) These long-standing English naming words can be blended together to make new names. While there are many spellings of words that have come down to us over the years, only the most widespread, well-known shapes are given. So, for the bind-word shape of “lea” we only have “-ley”, as in “Ashley” rather than “Ashlee”, “Ashleigh” and so on. Since many naming words died out altogether, some of them had to be shaped anew for today’s readers. These are marked with a star (*).

The old Germanic naming way was to blend an adjective (“rich”, “beloved”) with a noun (“hill”, “rose”, “fighter”). While some of our names keep this trend, many have come to us through lastnames. This is also why there are not only more wepmanly (♂) names, but that many of the landmark words (“east”, “field”, “hill”, and so on) are linked with naming men. Stanley bears this out, as it comes from a lastname for someone who lived in a stony lea.

Another Old English naming way is rhyming. A rhyme these days might read like, “Alvin, Edwin and Elwin.” Though there are also fore-rhymes, like “Edgar and Edward”.

The naming words are marked as wepmanly (♂), womanly (♀), or shared (⚥) kinds of man, to show you how they've been borne before. However, it’s up to the reader to find the word that fits best for any given name. Ashley, like Stanley, was once a wepmanly name, as it was meant to show kinship, but it has since shifted to mostly a womanly name.

Some craftiness and understanding of how speech works is needed when making bindnames. English has two kinds of consonants, spoken and whispered. Put your finger to your throat, make an “f” and then a “v”. You’ll see that you make the same shape in your mouth. But as your finger will tell you, you only whisper the “f”, while you speak the “v”. Vowels are always spoken. So, when the fricative consonants (s/z, f/v, th/TH) fall between vowels, they’re often spoken too. It’s also needful to think of how the twained staves shift how a word reads, “sh”, “th”, “ch”. You should also think about the “unspoken e” that shifts the lengths of vowels (as in “bit” to “bite”). It’s best to speak a name aloud a few times to see how it flows, and then to think of how to put that in writing.

Binding “Alf-” and “-win” yields Alvin (not “Alfwin”). When “Alf-” is bound with “-win” it’s smoother to drop the “w”. The “f” is spoken since it blurs into the incoming “i” vowel, and the “f” is therefore written as a “v”.
Binding “Os-” and “-helm” yields “Oselm” (not “Oshelm”).
Binding “Bert-” and “-har” yields “Bertar” (not “Berthar”).
Binding “Blis-” and “-har” yields “Blissar” (not “Blisar”).
Binding “Ed-” and “-gith” yields “Edith” (not “Edgith”).
Staves are therefore marked in brackets if they might need to be swapped or dropped.

Naming Words

OE Shape Kind Foreword Afterword Background
acer Acker- -aker An acre, field, a tiller, tilled land.
āc Oak- An oak tree, or tall, or strong.
ād *Ad- A bonfire, a fire great enough to burn bones.
æġel Ail- An atheling, highborn, or leaderly, or righteous. (A late offshoot of OE æþel.)
ǣġen Ain- One’s own, beholden only to oneself.
æl *Al- All, full, whole, or everyone.
ælf Al(f/v)-, El(f/v)- -alf, -elf An elf, someone smart, crafty, or handsome.
æṡċ Ash- An ash tree, or the World Tree, or the first man. (Ash [Askr] in Germanic folklore was the first Man, along with the first woman, Elm [Embla].)
æt At- At, on, near to.
æþel Athel-, Ethel- An atheling, highborn, or leaderly, or righteous.
amal Amal- Bold, hardworking, or of the Amalings.
ān An- One, or alone.
and *An- Back, against, wither, over, or without.
angel-, engel-, ingel- Engl- English, Anglo-Saxon, or an angler, or an angle. (They all spring from a shared root meaning of “an angle”, as in “a hook”.)
anġen *Onyen- Ongoing, forward, or against, or to come again.
bær Bar- Bare, naked.
bær Bar- Barley.
bār Bor- -bur A boar, a wild swine.
beadu *Bad- To beat, fight.
bēag Bag- Bent, like a bight, bow, or ring.
beald Bald- -bald Bold, strong, lordly, or the Bold god.
bēan Ban- A bean, or bean-tiller.
bearn *-barn A barn, a child.
bec, bæċ Beck- A beck, beach, brook, or stream.
bēd *Bede- *-bede To ask, bid, beseech; or a worshipping bead.
bēo *Bee- A bee, honey-maker; or busy.
beofer Bever- A beaver; or busy, hardworking.
beonet Bent- Bent, a strong, stiff grass.
beorg *Ber- *-bery A barrow, berg, hill, mound.
beorht Bert- -bert Bright, fair, beloved, shining.
beorn, bera Bern- -bern A bear; or a strong man or woman. (The words for “bear” and “man” blended together in names, since the OE word beorn [man] took the same shape as the Frankish word beorn [bear].)
bēt *Bet- *-bet Better, great, good, well.
bill *Bill- *-bill Bill-like, sharp, smart, an edge, a sword.
birċe Berk- A birch tree, or field of birch.
blæc Black- Black, dark, swart; or deep; or dirty; or evil.
blīc *Blick- Blick, shining, beloved.
blīþ *Blith- Blithe, bliss, gladness, happiness.
bod *Bod- *-bode To bode, tell, ask.
bord -bord A board, shield.
bōt *Bot- *-boot To boot, help, free; eke to.
brād Brad- Broad, wide, deep, open.
brand Brand- -brand A brand, fire, light, or sword.
breġu *Brey- Strong, leaderly, shining, beloved.
brōc Brock- -brook A brook, stream.
brocc Brock- A brock, or earth-dweller.
brōm Brom- Broom, sedge, underwood, a besom.
brord Brod- A brad, spike, spear, arrow, thin blade.
brūn Bron- *-brown Brown, dark, or a bear.
bryċġ Bridge- A bridge.
bryne Bren- Burning, fiery, hot-blooded.
bucca Buck- A buck, a goat or hart.
burg Bur- -bury A borough, a strong, walled town.
burne Burn- -burn A burn, stream, brook, spring.
byrne Burn- A burne/byrnie, shieldwea, shield; shelter.
cæd *Cad- A boat, or a seaman.
cald Cald- Cold, wintry.
camb -comb A comb, a hollow, or a narrow dale.
cār -car Careful, burdened, or worried.
ċead Chad- (Of unknown spring. Maybe an Old English borrowing of the Brythonic word 'kad', meaning fightlock.)
ċealc Chel- Chalk; white.
cealf Cal(f/v)- A calf, a young cow.
cēne Ken- Keen, bold, fit.
cent Kent- The land of Kent.
ċēol *Chel- Of a ship’s keel, a ship, or a sailor. (The ‘hard k’ found in keel was shaped by inflow from Old Norse.)
ċeorl *Cherl- *-cherl A churl, a freeman, a bower. (A churl in olden times was an everyday free-man, above a thew, but not of high standing.) (The name was seldom borne even in Old English times. Most likely all living names with Charl- / Charles are from the French borrowing.)
ċild -child A child, youthful.
ċirċe Church- -church A church. (Kin with the Northern word 'Kirk', likely shaped by Norse inflow .)
clǣġ Clay- Clay, sticky earth.
clif Cli(f/v)- -cliff A cliff, headland, or stone.
clȳd Clyde- Clean, or to cleanse.
cniht Knight- A knight, righteous wye, fighter, or a boy.
cnof *Knu(f/v)- A knuff, churl, free-man, or boyish.
col Col- -coal Coal, dark, black, swarthy.
cote Cot- A cote, house, dwelling.
cran Cran- A crane, wading bird.
crāwe Craw- A crow; black; forboding.
croft Croft- -croft A croft, field, lea.
crumb Crom- Bent, hooked.
cume -combe To come, happen, arise.
cūþ Cuth- Couth, well-known, or beloved. (Couth has an older meaning of “well-known”.)
cweld *Queld- ( Cweld- ) To quell, stop, kill, or death, ending, evening. (As 'Qu-' is from French inflow, this could be spelled as Cweld- for a more inborn spelling.)
cwēn Quen- ( Cwen- ) Queenly, leaderly, or womanly, wifely. (A queen in olden times meant not only a king’s wife, but the same as “lady” or “woman” does today.) (As 'Qu-' is from French inflow, this could be spelled as Cwen- for a more inborn spelling.)
cwic Quick- ( Cwick- ) Quick, lively, or speedy. (As 'Qu-' is from French inflow, this could be spelled as Cwick- for a more inborn spelling.)
cyne Kin- Of the kin, theed, folk, or kingly, leaderly. (The words kin, and kind, are from the same rootword cynn which meant “folk” or “strain”. King comes from cynning [leader of the kin] and was shortened to cyne in names. These therefore often get lumped together.)
cynning King- See: cyne.
cytel *Kell- *-kell A holy kettle, or a helm, headwear.
dæd *Ded- A deed, or a doer.
dæġ Day- -day The day, bright, shining.
dæl Dale- -dale A dale, dell, a hollow, land between hills.
deal Dal- Proud, a blowhard.
dell Dell- -dell A dell, small dale, hollow, land between hills.
dene Dan- -dan Danish.
denu -den A dene, dale, hollow, or a being’s den. (-den is often blended with -don, meaning a “down” or “hill”, as in names like Snowdon/Snowden.)
dēor Der- -der A roe deer, any wild being, or bold. (Deer in olden times meant any wild being.)
dēore Dar- Dear, beloved.
dod *Dod- Naked, or without.
dōm *Dom- -dom Doom, outcome, or something foretold.
drēam *Dream- To dream, or happiness, or song.
drȳġe Dry- Dry.
dryht *Drit- A dright, a band of fighters, a folk, or a leader.
dūn Dun- -don A down, dune, a hill. (The -don shape is often blended with -den, meaning a “dene" or “hollow”, as in names like Snowdon/Snowden.)
dunn Dun- Dun, dark, brown, or black.
dūru Dur- A door, an opening.
ēad Ed- Wealth, riches, a gift, or happiness.
eald Al(d)-, El(d)- Old, elderly, wise, learned.
ealh Al(c)- A holyhall, shelter.
ēan *Ean- To yean, eke, breed, yield, or bloom.
earn Ern- An erne, bird, seabird, or flight.
ēast East- East, the rising sun.
ēast East- East, shining, the rising sun.
ēaster Easter- The god of yeaning, the rising sun in the East.
eċġ Eg- An edge, sword, or smart, sharp.
eofer Ever- A boar.
eoh *E- A horse, or horse-rider.
eorcon *Erken- Shining, or dear, or great, or the god Tiw.
eormen *Ermen- Great, strong, or endless, or the god Woden. (Armin, as found in the name Irminsul, “the World Tree”, was also likely a nickname for the god Woden. The Norse name for the World Tree, Yggdrasil, comes from Ygg’s- “Woden’s” -drasil “horse/hanging-tree”.)
eorp Erp- Swarthy, or brown.
eorþe Ard- Earth, land, homeland.
fæġer Fair- Fair, handsome, light.
fær Far- -(f/v)are To fare, wander.
fæst *Fast- Fast, set, strong, true.
fearn Fern- A fern.
feld Field- -(f/v)ield A field, croft, lea.
fenn Fen- A fen, a marshland.
ferhþ *Ferth- *-(f/v)erth Mind, soul, heart.
flǣd Fled- -(f/v)led Fair, pretty, beloved.
flēot Fleet- Floating; or a fleet of ships; a harbour; a sailor.
folc *Folk- -(f/v)olk The folk, theed, one’s kinsmen.
ford Ford- -(f/v)ord A ford, water-faring.
frēa *Fre- *-frey A lord, or the god of yeaning Frey Ingwin.
frenc Frank- A Frank, or freedom, or a freeman.
frēo Free- Free, frithful, or beholden to no one.
friþ Frith- -(f/v)rith Free, frithful, sheltered.
frōd *Frod- Frood, old, wise, learned.
fugol Ful- A fowl, or any bird.
full Ful- Full, whole.
fūs *-(f/v)ouse Fouse, keen, bold, ready.
gād Gad- A gad, a gore, a spear, or a sharp stick.
gang Gang- -gang To go, to fare. (As in a gangway.)
gār Gar- -gar A gore, spear, or three-sided thing.
ġēan *Yen- To go; or go back again. (The 'hard g' in again was likely shaped by Norse inflow.)
ġeard Yard- -(y)ard A yard, field, or the stakes that bind them. (Yard shares same root as garđr “garth” in ON Miđgarđr “Middle-Yard” or “Middle-Earth”.)
ġeat *Yat- A gate, an opening. (The ‘hard g’ found at the start of the living English word for gate was shaped by inflow from Old Norse.)
ġeld *Yild- *-(y)eld Golden, gilded, worthy, or yielding. (The ‘hard g’ found at the start of the living English word for gold/gild was shaped by inflow from Old Norse.)
ġeong *Young- Young, new, youthful.
ġifu *-(y)ive A gift. (The ‘hard g’ found at the start of the living word was shaped by inflow from Old Norse.)
ġīls *Yils- *-(y)ils See: ġīsel.
ġīsel *Yisl- *-(y)isl A guest, or someone held in oath. (A ġīsel in Anglo-Saxon times was often a child of a king or lord held in trust against another.)
glæd Glad- Glad, happy, shining, blessed.
god God- A god, or the God (Yahweh).
gōd Good- -good Good, worthy, a gift.
græs Gres- Grass, or an open field.
grim Grim- -grim Grim, sharp, bitter, stern.
grund Gra- Ground, crushed, grit.
gūþ *Guth- *-(g)uth A fight, a fighter, or fightlock. (As in Guthlock.)
gȳþ -(g)ith A fight, a fighter, or fightlock. (As in Edith.)
hād *-hood A kind, a way of being (-hood).
hǣlþ *Hal- Healthy, whole.
hǣst *Hest- Anger, storm, madness.
hǣþ Hath- -(h)eath A heather shrub, a heath, or wild lands.
hǣþen Heathen- A heathen, believer in the old gods, or wild.
hām Ham- -(h)am A home, dwelling, homestead, or town.
hamel Hamil- Broken, rough.
hand Hand- Hand, strength, shelter, leadership.
hār Hor- Hoary, grey, old, wise, beloved.
hara Hare- A hare, coney, bunny.
heaþu *Had- A fight, a fighter, or fightlock.
hēafod Head -(h)ead Head, hair, mind, soul.
hēah Hey- High, above, leaderly, beloved.
heald Hold- -(h)old To hold, or friendly, or watchful.
healf Half- Half, split.
heall Hall- -(h)all A hall, building, dwelling.
heard Hard- Hard, strong, stern, leaderly.
heġ Hay- Hay, grass, fodder.
helm Helm- -(h)elm Helm, shelter, shielding, shieldwear.
help *Help- Help, uplifting.
heorot Hart- A hart, stag, roe deer.
heoru *Her- A sword, an edge, or sharpness.
here Har- *-(h)er A here, body of fighters.
hierde -(h)erd A herder, a shepherd.
hild Hild- -(h)ild A fight, hild, a fighter, or fightlock.
hlǣw Low- -low A low, a hill.
hlūd *Lud- Loud, well-heard, or well-known.
hlūd *Lud- Loud, well-heard, or well-known.
hol Hol- A hole, a hollow; deep.
horh Hor- Hore, earth, mud; filth, unclean.
hramsan Ram- Ramsons, wild garlic.
hræfn Ren- *-ren A raven, watchful, foreboding.
hrēod Rid- Reed, rush, watery grass.
hrōþ Roth- -roth Great, well-known, beloved.
hryċġ Ridge- -ridge A ridge, row of hills, or a spine.
hūn *Hun- *-(h)oun A young bear, or a child.
hunt Hunt- A hunter, or hound, wolf.
hwæt What- Quick, lively, bold.
hwǣte Wheat- Wheat, grain.
hwīt Whit- White, shining, bright, fair, beloved.
hyge Hy- High, thought, understanding, mindful. (As in Ođinn’s raven Huginn.)
hyll Hill- -(h)ill A hill, a down, mound or barrow.
hyse, hysi His- -(h)is A young man, a fighter.
hȳþ *Hy -eth A hithe, haven, wharf.
-ich I, the self, awareness.
īeġ Ey- An island. (The “s” spelling in “island” was put in by writers who mistakenly likened the word to the Latin word “isle”.)
ing -ing Belonging to, or a child of.
Ing(wine) Ing- The god Frey (Lord) Ingwin. Yeanful, bearing.
īren Iron- -iron Iron, hard, strong, steadfast.
lāc Lock- -lock A godly gift, or beloved, or playful, or a deed or way of being (as in wedlock).
lāf La(f/v)- -lof Who is left, a afterbear, follower, an erve.
land Land- -land Land, earth, a folkdom.
lang Lang- Long, tall.
lēac Lay- A leek, spring.
lēah Le- -ley A lea, field.
lēod *Led- The lede, folk, theed, or a kinsman.
lēof Le- -leaf Lief, beloved, dear, a leman.
lid *Lid- -lid To lithe, a wayfarer/seafarer, or a ship or wain.
locc -lock A lock of hair.
lufu *-love Beloved, fair, lovely.
mǣd Med- A meadow.
mæġen Main- Main, mighty, great.
mǣr Mer- -mer Mere, great, well-known, couth.
mæþel *Mathel- Meetly, talkative, friendly, bringing together.
mann Man -man A man, a fighter, strong.
marṡċ Mars- A marsh.
mearc Mark- A mark, or a march, a spot or edge.
mere Mar- -more A mere, sea, stream or any body of water.
miht *Mit- Mighty, great, strong, beloved.
mild Mild- Mild, soft, mellow.
mōd *Mod- -mood Mood, soul, mind, heart.
mōna Mon- The Moon.
mōr Mor- A moor, fen, marsh, swamp.
mūnd Mound- -mund A mound, march, shelter, hand, strength.
mȳþe My- The mouth of a stream.
nēah -ney Nigh, near, or an island.
nēowe New- New, young.
nīþ Nith- *-nithe Nithe, hatred.
norþ North- North.
nōþ *Noth- *-noth Bold, daring, ready.
ōht *Ot- Fear, foe, doom, weird.
ord Ord- An ord, a spear-tip.
ōs Os- One of the gods (Ese), the god Woden, or speech. (Ese is the English kin to the Norse word Æsir. The word Os is also linked with speech and Woden, the god of words and wisdom.)
pīl Pil- A pile, spike, spear, arrow.
pinn Pen- A pin, something stuck out, such as a cliff or ridge.
pleġ Play- Playing, quick, lively.
port -port A port, a haven.
rǣd Red- -red Rede, reading, telling, understanding, wisdom.
rāhā Ray- A roe deer.
ramm Ram- A ram, a sheep.
rand Rand- A rand, an edge, a shield-rim.
rāw -row A row, string.
rēad Red- -red Red, ruddy; fiery.
reġn Rain- To set right, to lead, to give rede or reading.
rīċ Rich- -rich Rich, wealthy, leaderly.
rōse Rose- A rose blossom.
rud Rud- A rudd fish; ruddy, red.
rūh Row- Rough, furrowed.
rūn *Roun- -roun Rouns, the unknown, riddle, understanding. (The rouns, or runes, were seemingly otherwordly markings that came to the English before the Latin staffrow. Roun means “something hidden”.)
ryġe Ry- Rye grain.
ryṡċ Rush- Rush, marsh-grass.
Sea- -sea The sea, or any body of water.
sand Sand- -sand Sand, grit.
ṡċeaft Shaft- A shaft, spear.
ṡċeaga -shaw Shaw, thicket.
ṡċealc Shalk- -shalk A shalk, man, fellow, helper, sailor, fighter. (A shalk in olden times could be a bondman or a man of low standing who might work or go to fight.)
ṡċēap Shep- Sheep, lamb, shy, weak.
ṡċio -shoe A shoe, clothing, sheath.
ṡċīr Sher- Sheer, shining, bright, fair, white, beloved.
ṡċylf Shel- A shelf, slope, floor.
seax Sax- -sex A sax knife, sword, or a Saxon.
sele Sel- A great hall or house.
setl -set A settle, stead, dwelling, land.
sīde Sid- Side, edge, long, wide.
siġe Se(y)- -sey Sey, winning, shining.
sīþ *Sith- *-sithe Wayfaring, outing, wandering.
smiþ Smith- -smith A smith, craftsman.
snāw Snow- Snow, white, fair, or cold, wintry.
stān Stan- -stan A stone, hard, strong, steadfast.
stede Stead- -stead A stead, land, dwelling, town, or steadfast.
stī Ste- A sty, house, hall. (As in a pig sty, or a steward.)
stīrk Strick- A stirk, steer, bull.
stocc Stock- -stock A stock, tree stump, or stead.
stōw -stow A spot to stow something, a stead.
strǣt Strat- A street, road, way.
sumer Summer- Summer, warm, sunny.
sunne Sun- The sun; bright, shining.
sunu -son A son of.
sūþ South- South.
swefn Swe(f/v)- Asweve, asleep, dead.
swīn Swin- A swine, pig, boar.
swīþ *Swith- *-swith Swithe, true, strong, healthy.
þanc Thank- -thank To think, thoughtful, thankful, mindful, smart.
þeġn Thane- -thane A thane, leader, fighter, man. (A thane in Anglo-Saxon times was a free man of high standing. He was often a leader of fighting men.)
þēod *Thed- The theed, folk, lede, kinsmen, land.
þēow Thew- A thew, worker, helper, thrall, bondman. (A thew in Anglo-Saxon times was a lowly working bondman, owned by another man.)
þing Thing- A thing, being, self, or deed, or meeting.
þorn Thorn- A thorn, spiked bush, or rough.
þorp Thorp- -thorp A thorp, town, or throng, one who brings together.
þrīst *-thrist Bold, daring.
þrȳþ *Thrith- -thrith Thrith, strength, the god and daughter of the Thunder god. (Thrith in Germanic folklore is a god born from the god of Thunder [Thor] and his wife, Sib [Sif].)
þuner Thur- Thunder, the god of Thunder (Thor) and the working man.
þur Thur- See: þuner.
tīd *Tid- Tide, time, happening.
til Til- Tilled, good, fit.
Tīr- Tir- Shining, beloved, great, the one-handed god Tue. (Tue comes from a word meaning “shining one”, from the same rootword as deity, Deus and Zeus.)
Tīw Tue-, Tew- Shining, beloved, great, the one-handed god Tue. (Tue comes from a word meaning “shining one”, from the same rootword as deity, Deus and Zeus.)
torht *Tort- Bright, shining, beloved, watchful.
trēow Trow- A tree, tall, strong.
trīewe True- -true True, trustworthy, troth.
trym Trim- Trim, fit, strong, sound.
tūn Town- -ton A town, dwelling or yard.
twīġe Twy Twice, two, a twin.
ūht *Ut- *-out Dawn, dusk, twilight, daybreak.
upp Up- Up, above.
wacu Wake- Awake, watchful, lively.
wad Wad- To wade, wayfare, or water, or the god Wade.
wād Od- Woad, blue.
weġ Way- -(w)ay A way, road, or to wayfare, wander.
wæl *Wal- Death, slaughter. (Wal is found in words such as Woden’s Walhall “hall of the slain” and Walkyries “choosers of the slain”.
wæter Water- -water Water, sea, steam, flow.
wald Wald- -(w)ald A wold, woodland.
wand *Wand- To wander, wayfare, or wend, turn.
waru War- *-(w)are Aware, watchful, wise.
wealcan Walk- To walk, tread, step, fare.
weald Wald- -(w)ald Wielding, strength, leadership, lordly.
wealh Wel- *-wel Welsh, an outsider, or bondman. (Welsh was a word once borne for any non-Germanic outsider, not only the Welsh folkdom of today. It was often borne in a manner of ill-will.)
weard Ward- -(w)ard A ward, watchman, keeper, leader, lord, or strong.
wel Wel- Well, good, fit, strong.
weliġ Wil- A willow tree, tall, strong.
wēoh *Wee- Blessed, hallowed, the soul. (One of the three shapes that make up the All-father: Wode (see Wod-), Will (see Wil-) and Wee. As in Ođinn, Vili & Vē.)
wer War- A weir, dam.
west West- West, the setting sun.
wiċ Wick- -(w)ich, -(w)ick A wick, town, dwelling, homestead, or haven, bay.
wīd Wid- -(w)ide Wide, far.
wīf *-(w)ife Wife, woman, lady. (A wife in olden times meant the same as“woman” or “lady” does today. “Woman” is a shortening of “wife-man”, where “man” means our kind as a whole, and our other half is a “weapon-man” or “were-man”.)
wīġ Wy- -wy A fight, a fighter, or fightlock, wye.
wiht *Wit- -wight A wight, an elf, ghost, a man, or any living being.
wilde Wild- -(w)ild Wild, free, carefree, unbroken.
will Wil- Will, want, wish, yearning. (One of the three shapes that make up the All-father: Wode (see Wod-), Will and Wee (see Wee-). As in Ođinn, Vili & Vē.)
wille Wel- A well, spring, stream.
wine Win- -win Winner, friendly, or work, or want, or gladness. (Blended with womanly OE wynn. Win springs from an old word which split into sundry meanings, the main being “to wish”.) See also: wynn.
winter Went- Winter, cold, dark.
winter Went- Winter, cold, dark.
wīse *-(w)ise Wise, smart, or a way of being.
wōd *Wod- Wode, madness, insight, song, the god Woden. (Wode, meaning “madness” or “insight”, springs from the same root as the name of the god Woden/Ođinn. One of the three shapes that make up the All-father: Wode, Will (see Wil-) and Wee (see Wee-). As in Ođinn, Vili & Vē.)
worþ -(w)orth A yard, tilled land, homestead.
wudu Wood- -(w)ood Woods, woodland.
wulf Wol(f/v)- -wolf A wolf, hound, or hunter.
wynn Win- -win Winner, friendly, or work, or want, or gladness. (Blended with wepmanly OE wine. Win springs from an old word which split into sundry meanings, the main being “to wish”.) See also: wine.


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