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Kindlore (also known as Physics) is the kindful witship that cons anwork, how it stirs through both room and time, and how it deals with inwork and thrakes. Worldwork is one of the most grounded of witships with its end goal being to understand as rightly as it can the way alness behaves.

Kindlore has broadened its reach to all things both on Earth and in the heavens. Furthering of kindlore often leads to the findle of new crafts. As a bisen, the learning about levinlodelore, starkstead kindlore and kernel kindlore led straight to the bringing about of new things that have wended much about latterday fellowdom, such as the farseer, reckoners, crafts, houselooms and kernelweapons. Knowledge of heatwork brought about knordledging and furthering workcraft led to the making of sloperimecraft.


The oldest deal of worldwork is rodderlore, meaning it could be one of, if not the oldest shapes of witship. Today Kindlore can often be cleft into starkindlore and motekindlore.

Core Teachings[edit]

Firstmade Worklore[edit]



Bearing Worklore[edit]

Smallest Kindlore[edit]

Kernel Kindlore[edit]