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This is a somewhat silly list of months and holidays. It should not be taken earnestly.

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The Writ



This month's holiday is Hallow Patrick's Day. This holiday is linked to drinking ale and the Irish folk.


This month's holiday is Easter. This holiday is linked to hares and eggs. On it eggs are hued, and often sweets are hidden for children to find. Christians link this holiday to Yesu rising from the grave.


This month's holiday is May Day, which can be called Beltane. On it folk dance about maypoles. For a time it was folkcouth among some of the English to dress up as Robin Hood on this day.



This month's holiday is Midsummer. On it bonfires are lit.


In English America this month's holiday is Canada Day and Independence Day. On these days Canadians and Americans herry their theeds.


This month's holiday is Lammas, or the Welsh Lughnasadh. On Lammas, which means "loaf mass", some Christians bring loaves of bread to church.



This month's holiday is Michaelmas.


This month's holiday is Halloween, also known as Samhain, its Welsh name. On this day children dress as fivels, ghosts, witches, and such and go house to house to gather sweets. Grown folk have also taken to dressing up, though they drink ale rather than eat sweets.


In the United States this month's holiday is Thanksgiving. On it a simble is had.



This month's holiday is Yule, but its better known name is Christmas. On it gifts are given, and simbles are had. Christians link this day to the birth of Yesu.


This month's holiday is New Year's. Fireworks are set off on it.


This month's holiday is Hallow Valentine's Day. The day is linked to love. Sometimes chocolate is given to loved ones.