Nine Worts Galder

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This is an Anglish translation of the "Nine Herbs Charm", an Old English incantation.

The meanings of the words BRYODEDON, FREABEGDE, and RUNLAN are unknown to me, so they haven't been touched.

The Writ

Mun thou, mugwort, what thou meldedst,

What thou rainedst at the rainmeld.

Una thou hightest, oldest of worts,

Thou may wither III and wither XXX,

thou may wither atter and wither onfly,

thou may wither the loathsome who yond the land fare.

And thou, waybroad, wort's mother,

From the east open, inside mighty;

over thee crats creak, over thee queens rode,

over thee brides BRYODEDON, over thee fears snorted.

All thou withstoodst and withstunnedst;

so too thou withstoodst atter and onfly

and the loathsome who yond the land fare.

Stun hight this wort, it on stone waxed

Stood it wither atter, stunneth it wark

Stithe it hight, withstunneth it atter,

wreaketh it the wroth one, warpeth out atter.

This is the wort that wither worm fought

This may wither atter, it may wither onfly

It may wither the loathsome who yond the land fare.

Fly thou now, atterloathe, the less the more,

the more the less, ooth with him boot for both is

Mun thou, mathe, what thou meldedst,

what thou endedst at Alderford

that never for afly feer sell

sithen for him man mathe as meat yared

This is the wort that wergulu hight;

This onsent a seal over sea's ridge

atter's ond, other's boot

These VIIII may wither nine atters

A worm came sneaking, slit he man

then nome Wooden VIIII woldertones

slew then the nadder that it into VIIII bits flew

There ended apple and atter,

that it never would in house bow

Fill and fennel, feel mighty two

These worts shaped witty drighten

holy in heavens, when he hung

he set and sent into VII worlds

for arm and for eddy, all for boot.

Stood it wither wark, stunneth it wither atter,

it may wither III, and wither XXX,

wither hand, and wither FREABEGDE

wither maskering mone wights

Now may these VIIII worts wither nine wolderfleers

wither VIIII atters and wither nine onflies

wither the red atter, wither the RUNLAN atter

wither the white atter, wither the hewen atter

wither the yellow atter, wither the green atter

wither the wan atter, wither the woaden atter

wither the brown atter, wither the base atter

wither wormblad, wither waterblad

wither thornblad, wither thistleblad

wither iceblad, wither atterblad

if any atter cometh, from the east flying

or any from the north cometh

or any from the west over weretheeds

Christ stood over oadle, one of a kind

Only I wot the running ea

there the nine nadders behold

mote all weeds now as worts spring

seas slip, all salt water

while I this atter off thee blow

Mugwort, waybroad which is open from the east, lambscrest, atterloathe, mathe, nettle, woodsourapple, fill and fennel, old soap.

Work the worts into dust, mong with the soap and with the apple's gore. Work a slip of water and of ash.

Nim the fennel, well in the slip and beeth with eymong when he doth on the salve, ere and after.

Sing the galder on each of the worts thrice ere he worketh hem, and on the apple also, and sing then men in the mouth, and in both the ears, and on the wound that ilch galder, ere he doth on the salve.