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Rimecraft is the learning of rime, lot, room, onalikeness, build, and wend. Most folks brooken rimecraft for reckoning. Rimecraft has two boughes, brooken rimecraft and sheer rimecraft. Brooken rimecraft brooking its knowledge to other fields, such as earthy witship, draughtsmanship, leechcraft, and sitheship witship. Brooken rimecraft sometimes also give birth to new rimecraft twigs, such as reckonmarking and game arecking. Sheer rimecraft deal with rimecraft for its own sake, without any brookening in mind. As time goes by, sheer rimecraft often befound new brooking. Folks who do rimecraft are called rimecrafter.

Fields in Rimecraft[edit]

There are many fields in rimecraft, some are already few thousand years old, while some only born within the latter hundred years.


Talecraft is one of the oldest field of rimecraft, which had been learnt ever since mankind gained knowledge. Talecraft deals with tales, and how men tell and reckon. The four stathelly reckonings are eking, adoing, manifolding and tweaming. Most men can do onefold reckoning in their mind, this is called mind reckoning. Further talecraft cons the ties of tales, and its working inhold rownlore.


Earthcraft is too one of the oldest field in rimecraft. It cons about the farness, room, and shapes in our world. Folks who cons earthcraft are called earthcrafters. Fernmen brook the knowledge of earthcraft to bild houses, to mete lands, and to make tools.