The Fare of Hanno

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Abute eight hundred years before the English landed in Britten, a great shipfare was undergone by Hanno of Cartain. Hanno went west then suthe along the shore of Africk bringing sixty ships, each with fifty oars. This is what happened and what he saw.

Deal I

After faring by the Sweers of Thunder, Hanno and his fleet sailed two days then onstelled a tune, for the fleet had brought men with which to befolk the lands they came upon. The fleet sailed west more and set up an allow to the god of the sea. Abute here they saw a marsh in which lived elps and other deer. After another day of sailing they onstelled more tunes. Then they came to a great ea called Lix, where they met and befreended men call the Lixmen. The Lixmen spoke of a nearby folk who lived in the shraves of barrows, and who were swifter than horses. Hanno took some Lixmen to be the fleet's walstods, then they took to sailing again, going twelve days suthe until they had gone by the great weasten which sunders the men of Cartain from the black men called Silers.

Deal II

Hanno reckoned that by this time he was as far from the Sweers of Thunder as those sweers are to Cartain. Next they fund another great ea, this one called Chretes. They fund ilands, and wild men who wore the fells of deer, and who threw stones at them, which kept the fleet from landing. Another ea was fund, this one was full of seahengests and great worms. They went back to one of the ilands they had fund before, and from there went suthe for almost a fortnight. There they fund Silers who fled from them, and who spoke a tung unknown to the Lixmen. Next the fleet came upon a land with great barrows full of stinking trees. They saw such barrows for two days as they sailed. Five days thense they came to a bay which the Lixmen called the Horn of the West. It was here the fleet fund a great iland and landed. There was nothing but endless woods on this iland, and at night many fires could be seen, and drums eke whistles eke uproar could be heard. All of this frightened the men of Cartain, and their soothsayers bade they leave the iland.

Deal III

Next they came to a burning land full of reek. Molten stone leaked dune from the shore to the water, and the land was too hot to make landing. The fleet cwickened itself ute of fear, so that it would sooner fare by this stead. After four days they saw the land ablaze in yet more fire. In one spot there was a brand greater than the others which seemed as though it stretched all the way to the stars. When day came it was seen that this brand was insooth a great barrow called the Crat of the Gods. The fleet sailed by these fiery lands for three more days until they came to a bay called the Horn of the Suthe. Here they fund an iland with hairy men called Gorillai who fled from them by climbing trees. Three Gorillai women were caught but they did much biting and scratching so they were killed and flayed. Here the fleet wharved and went back to Cartain, for they had run ute of ferking.