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Thwere Spelling is a collection of spelling changes meant to bring a kind of harmony to English spelling by reverting old mistakes, standardising inconsistencies, and other things along those lines. The system is meant to educate, not really to be used.

Against Irregularities

  • liar πŸ‘† lier
  • beggar πŸ‘† begger
  • dwarf πŸ‘† dwargh
  • empty πŸ‘† emty
  • children πŸ‘† childer/childen
  • buy πŸ‘† bye

Against Rebracketing

  • newt πŸ‘† ewt
  • nickname πŸ‘† ekename
  • adder πŸ‘† nadder
  • auger πŸ‘† nauger
  • notch πŸ‘† otch
  • forebear πŸ‘† forebeer
  • righteous πŸ‘† rightwise
  • hangnail πŸ‘† angnail
  • mistletoe πŸ‘† mistletoan

Against Mistakes

  • Mackenzie πŸ‘† Mackenyie
  • whole πŸ‘† hole
  • whore πŸ‘† hore
  • limb πŸ‘† lim
  • crumb πŸ‘† crum
  • numb πŸ‘† num
  • thumb πŸ‘† thum
  • could πŸ‘† coud
  • shamefaced πŸ‘† shamefast
  • whelk πŸ‘† welk
  • barley πŸ‘† bere
  • betwixt πŸ‘† betwix
  • helpmate πŸ‘† βˆ… (erroneous word)


  • dread πŸ‘† andread
  • tine πŸ‘† tind
  • bass (fish) πŸ‘† bars
  • ass πŸ‘† arse
  • woodbine πŸ‘† woodbind
  • mermaid πŸ‘† meremaid
  • kernel πŸ‘† cornle
  • harbour πŸ‘† herebarrow