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See the Anglish Wordbook for an alphabetical Anglish wordbook of all currently revived words, and some Modern English words, with their definitions in English. This wordbook instead lists by English definition, and is more or less what we'd call in English a "Thesaurus".

The goals of this wordbook are to:

  1. Show from English words, those words that were borrowed into English after the takeover of 1066, or words made in deal or full from lemmas borrowed after 1066 (un-Anglish words). (Such as: just; because.)
  2. Show the nearest word-for-word match, when possible, especially for words with many meanings; or otherwise a phrasal verb or saying if there is no equivalent Anglish word. (Meanings as told by the Oxford Dictionary/Thesaurus).)
  3. Unless it would mean breaking rule 2, to prefer a more widely understandable, English-language word, rather than a book Anglish word (archaic or revived from Middle or Old English, with meanings as told by the Middle English Compendium and Bosworth-Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary). (Such as: return becomes readily known go back rather than a calque or reconstruction such as eftwend)

Outlandish words can be sorted into inkhorns, or egregious needless borrowings, (type 1 - like biology and pyromania), other clearly non English words, but that aren't as egregious (type 2 - like provide and different), English sounding words that killed off inborn words (type 3 - like turn and hurt), and English sounding words that caused little death of inborn words (type 4 - like strive and glean).



See other writs of mine, although roots in this book can be put to work in compound words too.


English Anglish In a saying
because since, for, as (of), being Since I said so. For I've looked everywhere and still can't find it. No, as I won't be there. Being I'm not ready is why!
because of [due to] owing to, by way of, as of, along of The game was called/clept off owing to the rain. The win was by way of our hard work. I can't walk as of my broken leg/shank. It was all along of you!
around [toward/surrounding/at] about, umb I've looked all about/umb the room and I can't find it. The moon goes about/umb the earth. It's set the wrong/wough way about. There's a sickness going about.
around [approximately] about He's about six feet tall. It went down about two months ago. Let's meet about five. She earns about $40,000 a year.
per a
versus against
concerning about, anent, umb
regarding about, anent, umb
in total all told
cis on this side of, before, behither
trans on that side of, beyond
according to said by, emforth
in accordance with in keeping with
on account of owing to
by force of by means of, by dint of
contrary to against, wither, onyen
in opposition to against, wither, toyen (morally), yean
during through(out)/for/in the time of, through(out), in, inside, within, during, amid
facing looking at/towards/over, towards, overlooking, onyen
multiplied by sithes
added by eke
opposite against, yean
despite notwithstanding
in spite of notwithstanding
behind the rear of abaft
parallel (to) abreast, alongside
except but, besides, aside from, leaving out
in front of fore, before, foreby, forn, ere (in time sense only)
approaching near, nigh
in the direction of to, toward(s)
from the direction of from, fromward(s)
in contrast to unlike
past beyond
via through
with a view to looking at
prior to befor e
in place of instead of
in lieu of instead of
in case of in fall of
apart from aside from


Look at the ekeword list for a word without the -ly fastening for most words ending in -ly, and add the -ly back (although some, listed here, should not have an -ly fastened on).

English Anglish In a saying
just [now] right, now I'm right coming. I'll right end this, before we go.
just (now) right now He's in the bath right now -- can he call you back?
just [soon] right, soon I'll be right with you.
just (then) right then Who was at the door right then?
just [exactly, equally] right It's right where I'd like it. They looked right like each other.
just [only, simply] only, but Tis but/only a scratch. (It's) but/only you and me. It but/only won't work. But/only last year.
just [almost, barely] barely, nigh (on) The shoe barely fits. We barely missed out. We got there nigh on time.
just [very, fully] so It's so dreadful what befell her.
very [absolutely, highly] truly, mighty, so, sorely, swith(e) It's truly fast. It's mighty good. I'm so sorry. You're sorely mistaken. You're a swith(e) good man.
really [absolutely, highly]
very [exact] true It's the true best food I've ever had. Yes, the true same. On that true day. Yes, your true own! I can't true well say it if it isn't so! The best bit is at the true end of the book. You'll find the tree at the true top of the hill.
really [in fact] truly, in truth, to tell the truth, soothly, in sooth
really [genuinely, honestly] truly, wissly, indeed, forsooth
usually (most) often, wont, in a great deal, mostly In a great deal of times it works well. He was most often/mostly helpful. He's wont to eating that.
simply [clearly, plainly] straightforwardly
simply [only, merely] only, merely, solely
simply [utterly] utterly, wholly
simply [without doubt] without frain, without asking, wholly
generally [normally] almost always, most often, more often than not, mainly, mostly, on the whole, in most falls
generally [in general terms] overall, altogether, all in all, broadly
generally [extensively] widely, broadly, meanly
actually in truth
especially sunderly
easily eath
ultimately in the end
finally at last
in addition to as well as, also, forby
simultaneously at the same time as, samed
partially [partly] (a/in) deal, bit, somewhat A small deal of it. In deal or in full. He's a bit tired. It's somewhat helpful.


Remember to think about if you could use a compound word (often two nouns) instead of an adjective. If you do make a compound, -y, -ly, -like, -ish, -some, -ful, and so on are most likely dropped. This applies mostly to adjectives with meanings clearly derived from nouns or perhaps verbs (like "national" or "social", but not "different" or "important").

English Anglish In a saying - Word: Different
different [dissimilar] sundry, new, other, unalike, unlike She wears something new every day. There are many sundry kinds of books.
different [changed] other, otherly, new, anew, unknown, went, wristled
different [distinct] sunder, sundry, sunderly, unalike, unlike, (an)other, otherwise (also see "Word: Separate") The first shirt is sunder from the other. Edward is unlike his sister. There is another way. I believe otherwise.
different [out of the ordinary] new, fresh, unmean, out of the way, uncouth
different [various] See: "Word: Various" -
English Anglish In a compound In a saying - Word: Local
local [community] neighborhood, neighbor, town, thorp, home neighborhusting The neighborhood fields can be played in.
local [close by] nearby, near, nigh, neighborhood, at hand, steadly, stowly nearby eatinghouse There are many nearby lakes.
local [confined, localized] shut (in), stopped, held (in/back), bound, girded/girt, locked (in), (be)clipped, (be)fanged, dammed bound sickness It's a sickness shut in to the leg.
English Anglish In a compound In a saying - Word: Social
social [communal, societal] folk, fellowship, fellowdom, neighbor fellowdomhitch
social [recreational] fun funband
social [gregarious] band, flock, herd flockdeer
social [extroverted] outgoing - He's a swith(e) outgoing man.
(a) social [party] See: "Word: Party" - -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Important
important [significant] weighty, far reaching, key, foremost, worthly, great, utmost, sweeping It's more weighty that we do this first. The weighty thing is to keep him away from the fire. He's not so handsome, but he's good to me, which is more weighty.
important [valuable] weighty, of note, needed, worthly
important [powerful] weighty, mainful, high/top rung, head, worthly, great
most important [main] main, weightiest, first, head
English Anglish In a compound In a saying - Word: National
national [state] theed, rich/rike, land theedbale
national [nationwide] landwide, theedwide, richwide/rikewide landwide strike
(a) national [citizen] See: "Word: Citizen" - -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Second
second [ordinal number two] twoth, (an)other, next, following, coming, further
second [extra] spare, (an)other, twoth, backup, fallback
second [secondary] twoth, lower, lesser
second [duplicate] (an)other, twin, twoth, new, matching
second thoughts qualms, misgivings, worries
have second thoughts have + above, think again/eft/better of/over/twice
second to none matchless, unmatched
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Large
large [big, abundant] great, big, broad, wide, hefty, bulky, heavy A great/big house. The world's greatest/biggest dog. I need a greater/bigger seat. The broad side of it. There's a wide span still to go. It's a hefty lot of goods.
large [far reaching] far reaching, wide reaching, sweeping, broad
at large/by and large [mostly] on the whole This man does not stand for us on the whole. There are some drawbacks to it, but on the whole it's pretty good.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: General
general [extensive] widespread, mean, mainstream
general [comprehensive] overall, across the board, blanket, sweeping, broad, all-about, outright
general [miscellaneous] mixed
general [customary, usual] wontly, running, set, mean
general [imprecise] broad, rough, sweeping, overall, loose, hazy, fuzzy, woolly
in general See: "Word: Generally" and "Word: Normally"
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Possible
possible [feasible] mightly, comenly, within reach, worksome, workbere, dosome, dobere
possible [conceivable] mightly, comenly, thinkbere, believebere
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Potential
potential []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Political
political [governmental] wieldcraft-, law-, wieldlore-
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Able
able [can do] fit, ready You must be fit/ready to do the work. Sorry that I wasn't fit to ring you yesterday. We won't be fit to make it on time if we don't leave now.
able [skillful] crafty, skillful, gifted It's being handled by our most crafty/skillful men. He's a gifted learner.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Public
(the) public [widespread among people] folk The folk mood has shifted wither/against him. We need more folk awareness of what's going on. His speech didn't gather the folk backing he'd hoped for.
public [communal] open, shared It's all out in the open now. It'll be an open showing, in the yard. My children go to an open school, not a sunder one. The open bookhouse is owned by everyone in the neighborhood. It's a shared bench, anyone can sit here.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Particular
particular [specific] lone, sunder, namely, thilk
particular [special] namely, marked, outstanding, sunder, sundry
particular [fussy, discriminating] fussy, choosy, picky
particular [detailed] thorough, full, understandsome
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Available
available [obtainable] to be had, ready for (something), at hand, handy, in stock, notebere, brookbere, notesome, brooksome, graith, yare
available [unoccupied] free, not busy, at hand, ready, yare
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Major
major [greatest, finest] greatest, best, main, foremost, outstanding, first rung, star, uppermost, biggest
major [crucial, vital] great, utmost, key, settling, weighty, far-reaching, big, pullsome
major [serious, radical, complicated] hard, manifold, tough, big
major [important, significant] See: "Word: Important" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Economic
economic [] wealth-, wealthcraft-, wealthlore-
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Sure
sure [certain, confident] wiss
sure [destined, fated]
sure [guaranteed, unfailing]
sure [unquestionable, indisputable]
sure [reliable, dependable] trustworthy
sure [firm, steady]
sure! [of course] yes, alright/all right, indeed, forsooth
(to) be sure to [remember to]
for sure [definitely]
(to) make sure [check] See: "Word: Check" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Clear
clear [understandable]
clear [obvious, evident]
clear [transparent]
clear [unblemished]
clear [distinct, pure]
clear [unobstructed]
clear [free, devoid]
clear [untroubled]
(also adverb)
English Anglish In a saying - Word: International
international []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Certain
certain []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Difficult
difficult []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Central
central []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Common
common []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Similar
similar []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Human
human []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Necessary
necessary []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Single
single []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Private
private []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Personal
personal []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Financial
financial []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Foreign
foreign []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Recent
recent []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Various
various [] sundry, many, manifold There are sundry houses to pick from. Harvest brings upon leaves of many/manifold hues.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Due
due []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Present
present []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Royal
royal []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Poor
poor []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Natural
natural []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Easy
easy []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Simple
simple []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Individual
individual []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Current
current []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Legal
legal []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Modern
modern []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Final
final []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Nice
nice []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Fine
fine []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Close
close []
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Part
part of [a portion of] some, a bit, a deal A deal of them are ready. I'd like a bit of it. Some of it is ready. Some of them are keen to go.


Heed: These are listed by how common they are in English according to a random online corpus. Would like to hear suggestions on how and if it should be resorted (alphabetically or otherwise).

English Anglish In a saying - Word: Use
(to) make use of [employ] note (or nait), brook, wend to, go to, draw on, wield, handle, work, run, bring into play Note the glass to drink. I'd like a clean glass, since this one has been brooked. It isn't went to anymore. No one goes to that for help anymore. You know how to wield swords well. I can handle bows. We can work their beliefs to help us. Run the reckoner to find out.
(to) put to use [apply] Note the cloth to help the wound heal. Draw on her to get this done.
(to) have use [benefit] of have note of, brook I hope I'll brook my head after this. I'll have note of my leg tomorrow.
(to) use up [consume, exhaust] note up, brook, spend, get/go through I've noted up all your bread. Brook the time you have well. He spent all his time. We've gotten/gone through everything we needed to.
(to) use [exploit, enjoy] brook, note, milk, bleed (dry), play with He's only brooking you for his own selfish needs. You're being brooked. They often milk others for housing.
could use [benefit from] need, could stand, could brook I need a drink. I could stand a meal. I could brook a new car.
(to) use [possess, keep] brook, note If you buy that house, I know you'd brook it well.
use (up) [a purpose] note, brooking, meaning, need, good (for) You'll find a note/meaning/need for it. What good is it, if it's noted? He's not good for anything.
use [consumption] note (of), brooking (of), spending (of) It's a better note of your time.
use [exploitation, enjoyment] brooking (of), note (of), milking (of) The brooking of others for our own fun can be a bad thing.
use [meaning, sense] note(s), bearings(s), meaning(s) There are many notes/bearings of this word.
used (to) [formerly, continuous] once, formerly, (drop) I (once) knew him, but not any more. I don't go as often as I (once) did. I was (formerly) much better at it.
used (to) [formerly, habitual] (would) once, formerly, often, sometimes I once drank/would drink from the stream. I formerly ate/would eat raspberries. I often went/would go to the harbor. I sometimes fared/would fare to the woods.
used (to doing) [familiar] at home with, wont I'm not at home with doing that. That's what he's wont to do; that is his wont.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Provide
(to) provide (for) [supply] a noun made into a verb (to water, roof, inn, weapon, shade, house, feed, aso), give, bring (forth), bear, spare, afford, bestow, lend, hand over, send, stock, put up, outfit, fit out, rig out You should water the garden. They'll roof us for free. We'll all be weaponed soon enough. The tree shades me well. She fed the cows. He housed his eldmother. I gave him some more time. I brought over food for them. The roof affords amazing sights here. She bestowed a gift upon me. I lent you some help. You handed over some berries. They sent all of us gold. Thanks for putting up housing for us.
(to) provide (with) [equip]
(to) provide for [support, nurture] keep, fend for, take care of, care for, look after, feed, get/have/make enough
(to) provide [make available, present] afford, give, bring, yield, bestow, lend
(to) provide for [prepare, make provisions] get ready for
(to) provide against [take precautions] take steps for/against
(to) provide [stipulate, ordain] lay down, set out
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Try
(to) try [attempt, endeavour] fand, seek, work, strive, struggle, mint, shoot, bid, go, take a crack/stab at, do one's best, do all one can, set out I fanded to swallow, but I couldn't. I sought to end the fight. I worked to break the wall. She strived to do it until the end. He minted to jump over it. Struggle or get nowhere. He shoots to get home at nine. I was bidding to get out, but I couldn't. She was going for the win. I took a crack/stab, but it didn't end well.
(to) try (out, on) [test, taste, sample] fand, smatch/smack You have to fand/smack/smatch this amazing food!
(to) try [make severe demands on, tax] fand, stretch, sap, wear out, weigh (on) We fanded the man by having him tell us everything he knew. This weather fands me. She weighed her skills with that.
(to) try [adjudicate] hear You will be heard by a jury.
(to) try one's hand have a shot/go/crack/stab at, fand one's hand
try me fand me You don't think so? Then fand me.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Remember (Undergoing work!)
(to) remember [recall, commemorate] mind/min, bring/call/sam (to mind; up) (again/eft), look/go/think/hark back I eft brought/called/sammed to mind the time when you got lost. In a few years, I won't mind/min it anymore. We brought/called the dead to mind before laying them to rest. He sammed/called up the feeling he loved. It had me looking/going/thinking/harking back to last year.
(to) remember [memorize] mind/min, put/mark/bear/keep/hold in mind, learn (by heart) Mind everything we're learning today. Put/mark/bear/keep/hold in mind all the ways of reckoning. Sadly, you have to learn it by heart.
(to) remember [don't forget, be mindful of] mind/min, be mindful of, put/mark/bear/keep/hold in mind, don't forget, ware/beware/be aware Could you mind my kid for a while? Be mindful of/Don't forget/Beware the cold. You should put/mark/bear/keep/hold in mind that this is still quick.
(to) remember [take into account] bear/keep in mind, not lose sight, not forget, be mindful of, not overlook
(to) remember [commemorate] bring/call/sam to mind, spare a thought for, keep alive
(to) remember [bequeath something to] bequeath/leave/give something to, bestow something on
(related words here in the meantime)
(to) recognize know, acknow, beknow I know/acknow/beknow that dog from before.
(to) remind [descriptive] bring/call/sam (up) to one's mind I brought/called/sammed to his mind that he had to make his bed. I call to your mind that we're leaving on Wednesday.
(to) remind [admonishingly] mone, mind/min, scold, warn I moned him that his bed hadn't been made yet.
(to) ponder [think about, remind oneself] bethink, umbthink, think about, dream up, mind She bethought herself the sky. I dreamed up the sky. Can you remind yourself of what we're doing?
(to) mention [talk about] ming, mind/min, neven I minged him while we were talking about her.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Pay - WIP
(to) pay [reward, reimburse] yield, give, handle, meet, offer, settle, foot, settle up with
(to) pay [disburse, spend] spend, lay out, split with, hand over, yield out, give out
(to) pay [discharge (a debt)] settle, yield in full, meet, make good on, yield off
(to) pay [yield, produce] yield, give back, bring in, grow
(to) pay [be profitable] yield back, give back, (be) behoveful/behovely
(to) pay [be advantageous to] be worthwhile to
(to) pay [give (compliments, etc.)] See: "Word: Provide" (and others?) -
(to) pay [suffer the consequences] for See: "Word: Suffer" -
(to) pay it forward give back
(to) pay one's respects greet
(to) pay one's way earn one's way
(to) be able to pay afford, can yield
(to) have to pay owe, bear, must yield
(to) pay attention listen, look, watch, heed, give/take heed (to), hearken/harken, yeem (of), besee, mind
(to) pay someone back/out [revenge] smite, hit back at, get back at, get even with, yield someone back, reckon
(to) pay someone something back [loan] yield back, yield eft, give back, settle with, make good, reckon
(to) pay for abuy, settle up for, back, yield for
(to) pay someone off [bribe] buy, buy off
(to) pay something off yield in full, settle, meet, make good
(to) pay off [meet with success] be worth it
(to) pay something out spend, lay out, put up, hand over, yield out, give
(to) pay up settle up, yield in full, yield (up)
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Include
(to) include [contain] have, hold, lock, shut, bear, stock (all: can be with in/inside), inhold The bin has forks. The stars hold inside mist. The room locks/shuts in a bed and nightstand. The building bears thirty floors. The warehouse stocks many shelves. Does it inhold free food?
(to) include [be calculated from] take in, reckon, inhold The worth of a day at the inn takes in a bed and a meal. The worth reckons an apple and some berries.
(to) include [bring into a group] put in, throw in, eke Put me in the game. Could you throw in more hues for us?
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Move
(to) move [change position] wend, shift, stir, shrithe (move about), steer It's so cold I can't shift my fingers. Shift to the left, would you? He keeps stirring in his sleep.
(to) move [change place] wend, shift, go, cair, steer, flit We're shifting to Oxford. Get a shift on! My next door neighbours shifted away.
(to) move [progress] wend, shift, step If you wish to shift ahead, you'll need to do better. This is a step in the right way.
(to) move [cause] wend, shift, stir, drive, lead, steer It's shifted him into the right mindset. What would have stirred him to do such a thing? It's driving us mad. It leads us to think it over.
(to) move [change opinion] wend, shift, sway, steer Whatever you say, you can't wend/shift me on this.
(to) move [instill feeling] wend, shift, stir, sway, steer I was deeply went/shifted/stirred/swayed by what you said.
(to) move [suggest] See: "Word: Suggest" -
on the move
(to) get moving/a move on
(to) make a move
(to) move with the times
(to) move with the times
(to) move in
(to) move in on
(to) move on
(to) move out
(to) move over/aside
(to) move up
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Turn - "turn around an axis/lathe" in Old English
(to) turn [revolve] wend, wind, spin, twist, go about The wheels started to wend. She spun on her toes. Slowly, I wound the door handle. The earth goes about on its axis once every 24 stounds.
(to) turn [change position] wend, shift, char She went/shifted left at the last set of lights. Wend/shift and look at me. The clouds came out and the weather went/shifted bad.
(to) turn [switch] wend, shift, sway Wend/shift/sway your mind. Shift off/out the light. Shift it into drive. Shift the loudness up, I can't hear a thing.
(to) turn against someone
(to) turn someone against someone else
(to) turn around
(to) turn something around
(to) turn someone away
(to) turn back
(to) turn someone/something back
(to) turn someone/something down
(to) turn in
(to) turn into
(to) turn someone in
(to) turn something in
(to) turn off
(to) turn someone off
(to) turn something off
(to) turn on
(to) turn someone on
(to) turn something on
(to) turn on someone
(to) turn out
(to) turn someone out
(to) turn something out
(to) turn over
(to) turn something over
(to) turn over a new leaf
(to) turn someone's stomach
(to) turn tail
(to) turn to someone/something
(to) turn up
(to) turn something up
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Change
(to) change [alter state] switch, make over, wristle/wrissle/wrixle, become, get + adj., make/shape/work/do/build eft/again, fall (worse), wax (bigger/better), wane (smaller/worse), trend (tending)
above, originally "turn" wend, wharve (turn), char/chare
above, originally "move" shift/skift
(to) change [to be altered and become] above words (passively often with "to/into"), go, put/make/bring to (needs changer as subject)
(to) change [replace] SEE: "Word: Replace" -
(to) change [transfer, especially vehicles] SEE: "Word: Transfer" -
(to) change course SEE: "Word: Turn" -
(to) change position SEE: "Word: Move" -
(to) change one's mind
(to) change color
(to) change hands
change of heart
(to) change places
(to) change the subject
(to) change one's tune
for a change
(to) change off
(to) change over
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Continue
(to) continue [proceed, resume] go on/forth (with), keep on (with), begin/start again/eft, pick up, go back
(to) continue [prolong, make last] go on/forth (with), keep on (with), run on, drag on, keep up, hold, stand, linger
(to) continue [extend to] reach, get to
(to) continue [endure] SEE: "Word: Endure" run, long
(to) continue [remain] SEE: "Word: Remain" abide, wone, dwell, throughwone, overlive
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Consider
(to) consider [contemplate] think about, think over, bethink, look at, deal with, be drawn to, take in mind, give thought to, mull over, weigh (up), reck, heed, walt ("turn over")
(to) consider [assign a quality] believe, think (of...), deem, find, see, reckon, feel (all can have "")
(to) consider [take into consideration]
all things considered
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Allow
(to) allow [grant, give permission] let, give leave to, leave, give the right to, lend, unn, tithe (grant a request), beteem (Dutch?), thave
(to) allow [tolerate] let, be okay, thole, dree, brook, put up with, bear, stand, thave
(to) be allowed to can, may, be let You can leave. You may come in. Later, you might be let do this.
(to) allow [allot time/opportunity] set aside, earmark, spare, give, mete also "SEE: Word: Provide"
(to) allow [provide] for get ready for, reckon with
(to) allow [admit, recognize] acknowledge, own
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Produce
(to) produce [generate, manufacture] [through work] make, put together, build, weave, beswink, win, raise, new, work up, do
(to) produce [supply, spawn, yield] [passively] yield, grow, give, bear, bring forth, bring, make, breed, beget, new
(to) produce [make available (for inspection)] show, pull out, bring out, draw out, come up with
(to) produce [supervise, administer] (esp. movies, theater) SEE: "Word: Supervise" -
(to) produce [give rise to] SEE: "Word: Cause" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Stay
(to) stay (on) [continue to have a quality, remain] SEE: "Word: Continue" and "Word: Remain"
(to) stay [support, prop up] SEE: "Word: Support" -
(to) stay [endure] SEE: "Word: Endure" -
(to) stay [restrain, detain] SEE: "Word: Detain" -
(to) stay [delay, defer, postpone] SEE: "Word: Postpone" -
(to) be here to stay
(to) stay the course/distance
(to) stay put
(to) stay over
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Appear
(to) appear [become visible] become seen, come into sight, take shape, pop up, show (up), atew (at + eye?)
(to) appear [emerge, come into existence] be seen, come to light, arise, rise, crop up, come out, show up
(to) appear [seem, be in sight like] seem/look (to be), give/have the sight of being, come across as being, look as though, strike one as, shine, be like
(to) appear [arrive, become available] SEE: "Word: Arrive" -
(to) appear [perform as] SEE: "Word: Perform" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Expect
(to) expect [anticipate] foresee, hope, think, wit (expect one will?), wait, await, look, abide, bide, ween, believe, lieve, foredeem, hight
(to) expect [suppose] SEE: "Word: Suppose" -
(to) expect [demand] SEE: "Word: Require" -
(to) (only) be expected
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Ensure
(to) ensure [make certain something will occur] sicker, make wiss, see to it, clench, lock up/down
(to) ensure [make certain of obtaining] sicker, clench, make wiss to get
(to) ensure [protect] See: "Word: Protect" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Suppose
(to) suppose [assume] dare say, take it, believe, think (it likely), trust, guess, reckon, gather, trow, deem, lieve, ween
(to) suppose [hypothesize] say, see: "Word: Imagine" Say it had a two-bit rocket.
(to) suppose [call for] call for, need
(to) be supposed to do something
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Carry
(to) carry [physically move something] take, bring, bear, shift, switch, fetch, lug, tote, cart, ferry, hent (away)
(to) carry [transport] handle, bear, ferry, also see: "Word: Move" Thousands are handled/borne on the highways here each day.
(to) carry [bear, undertake] bear, undertake, shoulder, take on, take up, handle, deal with, get to grips with
(to) carry [be pregnant with] bear She's bearing his child.
(to) carry [conduct] oneself bear, hold, go about, behave
(to) carry [win over] win (over), take, sway, reach
(to) carry [sell] stock, keep, keep in stock, have for sale, trade in, deal in, peddle in
(to) carry [transmit, be audible] was heard, fare, reach, go on, bear, spread, beam
(to) carry [approve] See: "Word: Approve" -
(to) carry [support] See: "Word: Support" -
(to) get/be carried away go too far, be swept off one's feet, flip, lose it
(to) carry someone off kill, kill of, take the life of, do in, fetch to death
(to) carry something off [secure, capture] win, earn, get, pick up, come away with land, net, bag, bank, pot, scoop, walk off/away with, ferry, steal
(to) carry on [continue] See: "Word: Continue" -
(to) carry on [behave] behave, bear oneself, be, go
(to) carry something on [engage in] undertake
(to) carry something out [conduct, perform] bring about/off, work, fill?, fullend?
(to) carry something out [fulfill] fulfill, bear out, make good, keep, abide by, stick to, heed, follow, be bound by, stand by, forth, fill, fullend
(to) carry over [extend] See: "Word: Extend" -
(to) carry something over [retain] keep
(to) carry something through [bring to completion] throughtee, See: "Word: Finish" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Offer - "sacrifice to a diety" in Old English
(to) offer [volunteer] step/come forward, be/show willing, set oneself forth, lend
(to) offer [put up for sale] put up for sale, sell
(to) offer [bid] bid, put in a bid of
(to) offer [proffer] bid, give, put forward/forth, hold out, lay out
(to) offer [sacrifice] (up) give, give up, yield
(to) offer resistance ward, withstand, fight against/wither
(to) offer [submit, tender] See: "Word: Provide" and "Word: Suggest"
(to) offer [attempt] See: "Word: Attempt"
(to) offer [occur] See: "Word: Occur"
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Support
(to) support [prop up] bear, hold, bear/hold/prop/keep/bolster/shore up, underbear/upbear, uphold, underpin, staddle, fultom, wreth
(to) support [give moral support to] give strength to, be a spring/well of strength to, strengthen, hearten, soothe, uphold
(to) support [substantiate] back up, give weight up, bear out, underbear/upbear, strengthen, uphold
(to) support [subsidize] help, back, underwrite, underbear/upbear, strengthen, uphold
(to) support [assist, sponsor] by back, help by, be given help by, underbear/upbear by, uphold by
(to) support [advocate, promote] further, back, be on the side of
(to) support [provide for/with] See: "Word: Provide" -
(to) support [tolerate, endure] See: "Word: Endure" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Accept
(to) accept [agree to receive] welcome, take, get, come by, afang, abide, undertake, underfang
(to) accept [take responsibility for] say yes to, take on, take up, undertake, tackle, take on oneself, bear, shoulder, go about, set about, handle, get down to, deal with, get to grips with, begin, start, underfang
(to) accept [say yes to] say yes to
(to) accept [welcome] welcome, greet, let in, give friendship to, afang, underfang
(to) accept [put confidence in] believe/lieve, trust, go for, buy, fall for, swallow, undertake, uptake, take in/up, traist, trow, underfang
(to) accept [endorse, accede to] go along with, abide by, follow, yield to, bow to, give in to, underfang
(to) accept [endure] See: "Word: Endure" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Remain
(to) remain [stay, linger] blive (behind, put), wait/hang (umb, about), linger, be left, hold/hang (on), stop, bide, tarry, sit, lie, lay, wone, dwell, dretch, hove, earth, lain (remain silent), stead, steady
(to) remain [continue to be] blive, keep, hold, lie, See: "Word: Continue" + be It will most likely blive that way forever.
(to) remain [continue to exist] last, hold (out), abide, hang umb/about, stand, live/go on, wone through, lay, See: "Word: Continue" + See: "Word: Exist"
(to) remain [be left] be left (over), have not yet gone, have not gone by, be unnoted
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Suggest
(to) suggest [propose] put forward/forth, forthput, drive, bid We wish to drive for more fairness.
(to) suggest [indicate] lead to the belief, show, give the inthrutch that, ken, make known, tell
(to) suggest [hint, insinuate] hint, drive at, get at
(to) suggest [convey, express, evoke] smack of, put one in mind of, bring to mind, sam up, call up, seem
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Develop
(to) develop [grow, evolve] grow, biggen, greaten, spread, thrive, get on well, blossom, bloom, make headway, wax, unfold
(to) develop [expand, enlarge] grow, biggen, greaten, broaden, fill out, wax
(to) develop [fall ill with] fall ill with, be taken ill with, be struck down with, be stricken with, catch, get, pick up, come down with, fall/take sick with
(to) develop [form, cultivate, mold] a noun made into a verb (to flake, to crust, to thicken, to freeze, and so on), shape, teach, groom, better, uplift, craft, weave -
(to) develop [appear, come into being] See: "Word: Appear"
(to) develop [initiate, produce] See: "Word: Produce" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Add
(to) add [attach, add on] build on, eke on, put on, put in, also See: "Word: Join"
(to) add [find the sum of, total] ((something) up) eke up, eke together, reckon,
(to) add [go on to say] go on to say, go on further, eke, tag on
(to) add up [amount to, equal] come to, run to, make, be
(to) add up [make sense, seem plausible] stand up, hold up, hold water, ring true
(to) add up [constitute, signal] See: "Word: Suggest" -
(to) add to [increase, magnify] See: "Word: Increase" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Create
(to) create [generate, produce] See: "Word: Produce" -
(to) create [result in, cause] See: "Word: Cause" -
(to) create [establish, launch] See: "Word: Establish" -
(to) create [appoint, install as] See: "Word: Appoint" -
(to) create [imagine, conceive] See: "Word: Imagine" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Agree
(to) agree [concur, be united] be of the same mind, see eye to eye, be one, be as one, thasledge/thwere?
(to) agree [consent, assent] go along with, say yes to, give the nod
(to) agree [match, correspond] match, match up, fit, be one, be as one, be alike/matching, chime
(to) agree [settle, decide] See: "Word: Decide" -
(to) agree [suit, be good for] See: "Word: Suit" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Apply
(to) apply [put in an application] put in, bid, seek, ask for
(to) apply [be relevant] bear on, have a bearing on, deal with, fit
(to) apply [cover with] put on, rub in, spread, smear, work in, lay on, salve (ointment)
(to) apply [use, exert, administer] SEE: "Word: Use" -
(to) apply oneself work hard, do one's best, give one's all, struggle, betee, pote oneself
(to) apply pressure SEE: "Word: Press" and "Word: Push" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Avoid
(to) avoid [keep away from, circumvent] keep away from, blive away from, steer away from, shun, hide from, give a wide berth to, rest from, spare oneself from, forgo, beflee
(to) avoid [evade, escape] dodge, sidestep, skirt about/umb, run away from, duck, wiggle out of, get out of, wry from, flee, beflee
(to) avoid [refrain/abstain/desist from] not, forbear from, forbow, shun, beflee
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Form
(to) form [fashion, forge] shape, make A thought started to shape in my mind. Shape the clay with your hands. They shaped a crowd in the town yard. The two businesses came together to make a new holdings.
(to) form [formulate, devise]
(to) form [arrange, assemble]
(to) form [comprise, make up, constitute, function as]
(to) form [materialize, emerge] See: "Word: Appear" (def. 2)
(to) form [develop] See: "Word: Develop" and "Word: Acquire" -
(to) form [establish] See: "Word: Establish" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Explain
(to) explain [give an explanation of, describe] put into words, unfold, untangle, teach/show/tell (about/how), open, kithe, ken, traughten (1175), reck/areck?
(to) explain [give an explanation for, account for] answer, show grounds for, uncloud, (above row's words + why)
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Return
(to) return [go back] go back
(to) return [happen again]
(to) return [give back]
(to) return [restore, replace]
(to) return [hit back]
(to) return [reciprocate]
(to) return [yield, earn] yield, earn, make, net, fetch
(to) return [respond] See: "Word: Respond"
(to) return [deliver, hand down] See: "Word: Deliver"
in return for
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Receive
(to) receive [be given/presented with] get
(to) receive [be sent] be sent
(to) receive [be told/informed of]
(to) receive [hear, respond to]
(to) receive [experience, sustain]
(to) receive [greet, welcome]
(to) receive [entertain]
be on the receiving end
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Increase
(to) increase [get bigger, expand] eke (eak)
(to) increase [make bigger, add to]
on the increase on the rise
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Voice
(to) voice [express, vocalize] cleap/cleep?, steven
(to) give voice to
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Join
(to) join [connect, unite] fay, theed, fasten, stick, knit, link, bridge, lock, make fast, tie, bind, string, lash, yoke, team, splice, blend, one, band, gather
(to) join [border, touch]
(to) join [become a member of]
(to) join in [enter, take part in]
(to) join up [enlist]
(to) join forces
(to) join hands link hands
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Reduce
(to) reduce [make smaller, diminish]
(to) reduce [bring to the point of]
(to) reduce [demote, downgrade]
(to) reduce [make cheaper]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Save
(to) save [rescue] red
(to) save [preserve, safeguard]
(to) save [put aside, reserve]
(to) save [economize, cut costs]
(to) save [prevent] See: "Word: Prevent" -
(to) save the trouble
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Require
(to) require [be in need of]
(to) require [necessitate]
(to) require [demand, insist on]
(to) require [order, instruct]
(to) require [want, wish to have] want, wish (to have), lack, be short of, be without, find oneself in need of
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Achieve
(to) achieve [attain, reach] speed
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Prevent
(to) prevent [avert, stop] forestall
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Decide
(to) decide [resolve, determine] choose, wale
(to) decide [settle, resolve]
(to) decide [arbitrate, adjudicate]
(to) decide on [opt for]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Face
(to) face [look out on]
(to) face [accept, become reconciled to]
(to) face [be confronted by]
(to) face [beset, distress]
(to) face [brave, confront]
(to) face [cover] See: "Word: Cover" -
(to) face down [stand up to]
(to) lose face
(to) save face
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Enjoy
(to) enjoy [like, love] like, love, brook
(to) enjoy [benefit from]
(to) enjoy oneself [have fun]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Cover
(to) cover [put something on top of] thatch
(to) cover [encrust]
(to) cover [carpet]
(to) cover [report on]
(to) cover [disguise, obscure]
(to) cover [provide with an alibi]
(to) cover [stand in for]
(to) cover [counterbalance]
(to) cover [insure, protect]
(to) cover [include] See: "Word: Include" and "Word: Involve" -
(to) cover something up
(to) break cover
(to) cover all the bases
(to) cover one's ass/back
(to) take cover
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Improve
(to) improve [make better]
(to) improve [get better]
(to) improve [recover]
(to) improve on [surpass]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Tend
(to) tend [be inclined, be prone]
(to) tend [incline, gravitate]
(to) tend [take care of]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Imagine
(to) imagine [visualize, picture] think of/up, bethink, shape/see in mind, build in heart/mind, dream (up/about), call up, see in the mind's eye, brainstorm, seem
(to) imagine [assume, presume] See: "Word: Expect" and "Word: Suppose" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Act
(to) act [take action]
(to) act [behave, function]
(to) act [operate, work]
(to) act [perform, play]
(to) act [pretend, feign]
(to) act for [act on behalf of]
(to) act on/upon [affect, influence]
(to) act on/upon [comply with, obey]
(to) act up [misbehave]
(to) act up [malfunction]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Cause
(to) cause [give rise to]
(to) be caused by [spring from]
(to) make something do something make
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Cost
(to) cost [be priced at]
(to) cost [value, price]
(to) cost [cause the loss of]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Pass
(to) pass [proceed]
(to) pass [overtake]
(to) pass [elapse]
(to) pass [occupy, spend]
(to) pass [hand, transfer]
(to) pass [kick, hit]
(to) pass [be transferred]
(to) pass [happen, occur]
(to) pass [cease to exist]
(to) pass [surpass]
(to) pass [be successful in]
(to) pass [approve, ratify]
(to) pass [go unnoticed/unheeded]
(to) pass [declare, express]
(to) pass [discharge]
(to) pass [move] See: "Word: Move" -
(to) pass one's eye over
(to) pass away/on
(to) come to pass
(to) pass someone by
(to) pass for/as
(to) pass off
(to) pass someone off
(to) pass out
(to) pass someone/something over
(to) pass something up
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Prove
(to) prove [show beyond a doubt]
(to) prove [turn out]
(to) prove oneself [show one's mettle]
(to) prove someone wrong [refute]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Occur
(to) occur [happen]
(to) occur [be found]
(to) occur [enter one's mind] (to)
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Discuss
(to) discuss [talk over]
(to) discuss [examine]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Maintain
(to) maintain [keep in good condition]
(to) maintain [insist, assert]
(to) maintain [uphold, defend, fight for] See: "Word: Defend" -
(to) maintain [support] See: "Word: Support" -
(to) maintain [continue] See: "Word: Continue" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Exist
(to) exist [animate things] live, be alive/living, have life, breathe, draw breath, be, have being, grow, wone
(to) exist [inanimate things] stand, be standing, be, worth, be found, run (for a time), lie in somebody/something
(to) exist [prevail]
(to) exist [subsist]
(to) continue to exist See: "Word: Remain" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Check
(to) check [examine, inspect]
(to) check [halt, stop]
(to) check [suppress]
(to) check [make sure] See: "Word: Ensure" -
(to) check in/into
(to) check out
(to) check something out [investigate]
(to) check something out [observe]
(to) check over
(to) check through
(to) check up on
(to) keep a check on
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Serve
(to) serve [be in the service of]
(to) serve [be of service to]
(to) serve [be a member of] on
(to) serve [carry out, perform]
(to) serve [dish up/out]
(to) serve [attend to]
(to) serve [act as a waiter]
(to) serve [deliver to] with
(to) serve [act as] as
(to) serve [suffice]
(to) be served [be treated]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Establish
(to) establish [set up]
(to) establish [prove] See: "Word: Prove" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Enter
(to) enter [go in, come in]
(to) enter [penetrate, pierce]
(to) enter [begin, move into]
(to) enter [register for, enroll in]
(to) enter [record, note]
(to) enter [submit, register]
(to) enter [join, join in] See: "Word: Join" -
(to) enter into [become involved in]
(to) enter someone's head/mind
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Control
(to) control [be in charge of, run]
(to) control [restrain, keep in check]
(to) control [limit, restrict]
(to) control [regulate, modulate]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Encourage
(to) encourage [hearten, buoy]
(to) encourage [persuade, coax]
(to) encourage [stimulate]
(to) encourage [support, endorse] See: "Word: Support" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Protect
(to) protect [keep safe, safeguard]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Identify
(to) identify [recognize, single out]
(to) identify [determine, ascertain]
(to) identify [associate, connect]
(to) identify [empathize, relate to]
(to) identify [equate with]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Visit
(to) visit [pay someone a visit]
(to) visit [spend time in]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Enable
(to) enable [authorize, empower]
(to) enable [allow, permit] See: "Word: Allow" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Affect
(to) affect [influence, condition]
(to) affect [upset, trouble]
(to) affect [assume, put on]
(to) affect [pretend, feign]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Claim
(to) claim [assert, declare]
(to) claim [lay claim to]
(to) claim [request, apply for]
(to) claim [cause the loss of]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Note
(to) (take) note [bear in mind]
(to) note [mention, refer to]
(to) note [write down]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Obtain
(to) obtain [get, acquire]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Represent
(to) represent [symbolize, stand for]
(to) represent [depict, portray]
(to) represent [describe as, profess to be] as
(to) represent [constitute, amount to]
(to) represent [be a typical sample of]
(to) represent [appear for]
(to) represent [be elected by]
(to) represent [deputize for, substitute for]
(to) represent [point out, state]
(to) represent [claim, state] See: "Word: Claim" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Contain
(to) contain [have room for, hold]
(to) contain [restrain, rein in]
(to) contain [include, comprise] See: "Word: Include" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Regard
(to) regard [look at, contemplate]
(to) regard [consider] See: "Word: Consider" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Describe
(to) describe [report, narrate, recount]
(to) describe [call, characterize]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Place
(to) place [position] stow, put Stow it in the house. She stowed it in my hands. Put it on the ground. I think I know her, but I can't put her.
(to) place [put down]
(to) place [put, invest]
(to) place [rank, order]
(to) place [find something (esp. a position/home) for]
(to) place [identify, recognize] See: "Word: Identify" and "Word: Recognize" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Argue
(to) argue [contend, assert]
(to) argue [disagree, quarrel]
(to) argue [dispute, debate]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Involve
(to) involve [entail, require]
(to) involve [implicate, embroil]
(to) involve [include, count in] See: "Word: Include" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Contact
(to) contact [get in touch with]
(to) contact [touch]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Catch
(to) catch [seize, grab]
(to) catch [capture, apprehend]
(to) catch [become trapped]
(to) catch [reach in time]
(to) catch [discover, detect]
(to) catch [engage, capture]
(to) catch [perceive, notice]
(to) catch [hear, perceive]
(to) catch [evoke, conjure up]
(to) catch [hit, strike]
(to) catch [become infected with]
(to) catch [become ignited]
(to) catch [start running]
(to) catch [be reprimanded] it
(to) catch [become popular] on
(to) catch [start to understand] on
(to) catch [draw level] up (with)
(to) catch [talk to someone not talked to in a while] up (with)
(to) catch [begin to have a damaging effect] up (with)
(to) be/get caught up in
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Part
(to) part deal (out), split, sunder Deal out some cards. The split in my hairline. The two split on good words. Split the log. We sundered ourselves asunder.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Point
(to) point [direct/guide/lead] wise, look, head, steer Wise your fingers at where to go. The arrow is wising to the right. Look/head/steer to the right.
(to) point [fill in (with cement)] fill in The house is on bad footing, as the bricks were not well filled in.
(to) point out [call attention to] bespeak, wise/make out, make (one) aware, finger Bespeak what needs doing. Make it out for me. Make them aware of it. I made out this would befall us, but no one listened! The lawbreaker/yewleaper was fingered by his own sithe.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Number
(to) number [assign order] rime, score Rime/score the leafs from one to ten. All the writs have been carefully rimed/scored and put away.
(to) number [amount] rime, score The folks at the gathering rimed/scored in the hundreds!
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Group
(to) group [organize] gather We all gathered together to sing. I gathered the books by their height.


English Anglish In a saying - Word: People
people [persons] folk(s), men, leed/lede, mennish Some folk(s) think highly of themselves. Are leed fulfilled with my answer? The men are becoming restless. My business takes good care of their folk.
people [kind of person] folk, men, leed/lede, souls, beings, mennish They're good folk. They are working folk.
(the) people the folk The will of the folk. The folk are with us. The folk wish for new leadership.
(a) people [nation] folk, theed Her folk come from England. The English and French theeds sit over the sea from one another.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Person
(a) person [a human] man/woman, being, soul, one, mennish, sedge/seg, body, leed/lede The first man on the moon. It seats two men. For all mankind. A businessman.
be one's own person be one's own man/woman, have one's own soul
in person in the flesh, bodily
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Part
(a) part [piece] bit, deal, some, sliver, scrap, groat, chunk, lump, hunk, share A bit of it is blue, while the rest is red. The lower deal of the house is stone. Some of my body is still sore.
(a) part [segment, chapter] deal, chunk The film is shown in two deals. The book is split into twelve deals.
(a) part [equal measure] deal (of) Blend one deal of blue with one deal of yellow, to get the right green.
(a) part [position] bit I have a bit in the show. She plays the bit of the mother.
(a) part [involvement] bit (in/of) He wished his bit in the business. I'll have/take no bit of/in this madness. I will not have any bit of this.
(a) part [partial share] deally He's (a) deally owner of the horse. Deally ownership is better than none at all.
(a) part [split] split, (a-)sunder The split in my hairline. We made ourselves asunder.
(a) part [area] See: "Word: Area" -
in part See: "Word: Partially" -
on the part of See: "Word: Because" -
take part (in) See: "Word: Participate" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Place
(a) place [area, location] stead, spot, stow The orchard was a cool stead to go to. A stead of worship. It's a busy spot.
(take) place [happen] (take/nim) stead The show takes/nimbs stead next Tuesday. It took/numb stead earlier this morning.
(out of) place stead, step His running shoes looked out of stead/step in the ballroom.
(in) place [right/ready] (in) stead The seats are all in stead. Everything is in stead for the show to start.
(in) place (of) (in)stead (of) I did that instead of the other thing. She will be there in my stead.
(a) place [home] home, stead Let's get together at my home. My stead has a great yard.
(a) place [unknown location] stead, somewhere I'm looking for somewhere to live. There's a stead out there for me.
(a) place [building] stead, spot I need to go to my workstead. We're going to the pizza spot.
(a) place [duty/standing] stead It's not my stead to say whether this is right.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Point
(a) point [idea/opinion] wit, meaning, thought Let's talk about your first wit. You made some good wits in your speech. I think you missed my wit/meaning. That's a good thought.
(a) point [location in time/space] ord, spot, stow, stead The ord/spot/stow/stead where the road stops. That's the ord/spot/stow/stead at which you lost me.
(a) point [purpose] brooking, meaning, good What's the brooking/meaning of that? What good is it to shout at him? There's no brooking at having it ready if he won't come.
(a) point [unit of scoring] mark He won the most marks. I got full marks for my work. The warmth rose by enough marks to melt the ice.
(a) point [tip/pinnacle] ord The ord of the knife stuck into the floor. The sharp ord of a needle. They were held at gun-ord. The snowy ord of the barrow.
(a) point [characterstic/quality] mark Kindness is her strong mark. There are sundry marks to look for when choosing a house.
(a) point [peninsula/cape] head(land), spit, (sea) stack I'll see you at Outlook Head. The spit stretches out into the sea. Beware the stones hidden in the waters of the sea stack.
(a) point [mathematical sign] dot It's two dot two feet long (2.2 feet long). The oversight befell when someone leftout the decimal dot.
(a) point [socket/slot] ord There's an ord in each room. Look over the ords and plugs and top up the oil.
(a) point [switch/interchange] ord, shift The tugwain rattled as it drove over the ords.
(a) point [mark] mark Draw a straight line between the two marks. The ords meet at the North mark. I can barely make out the two small marks of the headlights.
(a) point [way/direction] -wise Mete it lengthwise. It is a righteous deed.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Government
(a) government [group/state] leadership, rich The wale will choose the leadership of England. The business's goals are set by its leadership. The rich of England set its laws/yews.
(a) government [system/being] leadership The United Kingdom's way of leadership is a "Constitutional Monarchy". The new fold has no background in leadership.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Government
(a) company [corporation] business He works for a software business. No smoking is a business law/yew.
(a) company [group of people] fellowship, sitheship, band, team, body, crowd The Fellowship/Sitheship of the Ring. The band of players took a bow. A body of men stormed the stronghold on the hill. We're on the same team. He doesn't fit into that crowd.
(some) company [other people] fellowship, sitheship He makes for good fellowship/sitheship. I rather like my own fellowship/sitheship. Sorry, I didn't know you had fellowship/sitheship.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Number
(a) number [numeral/symbol] rime, score 1, 2 and 3 are all rimes/scores. I'm a teller, so I'm mighty good with rimes/scores. What's our flight rime?
(a) number [amount] rime, score One and two makes a rime/score of three. There's been a growing rime/score of deaths from the sickness.
(a) number [particular thing] one Do you have last week's one of the New Yorker? I have all the former ones. He's a good one, isn't he? That's an old one but a good one. This next one he's about to play is rather catchy.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Group
(a) group [set] gathering, set I'm meeting a gathering of friends tonight. The bench is by a small gathering of trees. I was shown another set of books.
(a) group [musicians] band I love their songs; they're my fondest band!
(a) group [consortium] band Tidings News is a news band that owns many sundry outlets.
(a) group [sporting group] band My team will play against/wither yours in the first band. He was the greatest fighter in the heavyweight band.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Problem
(a) problem [cause or situation] hitch, (a) bind The main hitch is lack of wealth. I'm in a bind over this friend of mine.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Fact
(a) fact truth Yes, that's a truth. I don't know all the truths of it. In truth, he doesn't even work here. It's a truth of life. There's no going against/wither the truth on this. It's a hard truth.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Form
(a) form [document] sheet, writ Kindly hand in the sheet/writ once you've filled it in.
(a) form [type] kind Swimming is a great kind of workout!
(a) form [appearance] shape The moon highlighted the shadowy shape of the hills.
(a) form [behaviour/ability] bearing(s), way It was bad bearing of you to speak over him like that. The horse's bearing is swift and nimble. The swimmer is still getting her bearings back after breaking her arm last year. His way of doing things seems to work.
form [grammatical type] shape 'Isn't' is the short shape of 'is not'.
form [school group] year My son is in year 3 and my daughter is now in year 5.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Part
(a) turn [opportunity] wend, shift, go, cost [means], shot It's my shift/go/cost next. You miss every shot you don't take.
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Course
(a) course [route, trajectory]
(a) course [progression, development]
(a) course [plan, method of working]
(a) course [track, racetrack]
(a) course [dish, menu item]
(a) course [duration, passing]
(a) course [program of study]
in due course
of course
on course
(to) course flow, pour, stream, race, run, gush, pump, flood
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Case
(a) case [instance, occurrence, circumstances]
the case [situation, position]
(a) case [investigation, inquiry]
(a) case [patient, sick person]
(a) case [lawsuit, legal action]
(a) case [argument, contention]
(a) case [inflection, form]
(a) case [container, box]
(a) case [casing, covering]
(a) case [suitcase, bag]
(a) case [crate, bin]
(a) case [cabinet]
(to) case [cover
English Anglish In a saying - Word: System
(a) system [structure, organization]
(a) system [method, technique]
(a) system [methodicalness]
the system [the establishment]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Party
(a) party [social gathering]
(a) party [faction, alliance]
(a) party [participant, individual]
(a) party [group, company] See: "Word: Group" and "Word: Company" -
be a party to
(to) party See: "Word: Celebrate" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Information
(some) information [details, particulars]
English Anglish In a saying - Word: School
(a) school [educational institution]
(a) school [department, division]
(a) school [group, circle, clique]
(a) school [school of thought]
(to) school [educate] See: "Word: Train" and "Word: Educate" -
English Anglish In a saying - Word: Fact
(a) fact [reality, actuality]
(a) school [detail, particular]
(a) fact [event, incident]
in fact