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Witship is the way by which the knowledge of the world is gathered, built and dighted so that it may be asoothed brooking unfoldings and forecasts about alness.

Witship can be tracked back to over five thousand years ago with the first thinkers of the Battle Bentmoon and Fern Egypt. They spread their knowledge westward to the Greeks where the seech of knowledge theed until the fall of the Roomanish Coaserrich. Their knowledge was kept sound by the Serchings through their Golden Eld until they were befound once more by the Europish in the edbirth. This lead to the Witship Upheaving and the setting of the Way of Witship which by the nineteenth yearhundred beteemed for the bringing about of witship as a craft.

Boughs of Witship[edit]

Latterday witship is often split into three great boughs, Kindful Witships, Sithely Witships and Shapely Witships, which can then be further sundered into many narrower witships:

Shapely Witships[edit]

  • Witcraft
  • Rimecraft
  • Talecraft
  • Stelling Arecking
  • Kire Arecking
  • Arecked Reckoner Witship

Kindful Witship[edit]

Worldly Witship[edit]

  • Worldwork
  • Shedlore
  • Earth Witship
  • Earthlore
  • Sealore
  • Liftscapelore
  • Rodderlore

Life Witship[edit]

  • Lifeshedlore
  • Minlifelore
  • Wortlore
  • Deerlore
  • Umbworldlore

Sithely Witships[edit]

  • Gale Cons
  • Husbandworks
  • Manlore
  • Mennish Landlore
  • Mindlore
  • Wieldlore
  • Sithelore
  • Sithely Stear
  • Stightling Witship
  • Tonguelore (or Tunglore)
  • Yorelore