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X-SAMPA (Extended Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet, or in Anglish, Broadened Speechcraft Loudstaves) is a way of writing down louds, like IPA. Unlike IPA, however, X-SAMPA only brooks staves that are in ASCII, and is much more eath to write on a keyboard.


Samedsweyers Two-Lipped Tooth-lipped Toothed Toothridged After-Toothridged Backwards-Tunged Mouthroofed Noseflapped Hocked (Pharyngeal) (Epiglottal) (Glottal)
Nosed m_0 m F_0 F n_0 n n_0 n n_0 n n`_0 n` J_0 J N_0 N N\_0 N\
Stop p b p_d b_d t d t d t d t` d` c J\ k g q G\ >\ ?
Hiss p\ B f v T D s z S Z s` z` C j\ x G X R X\ ?\ H\ <\ h h\
(Approximant) p\ B\ v\ r\ r\ r\ r\` j M\ R_0 R ?\_0 ?\ <\_0 <\ h h\
(Trill) B\ (None) r r r R\
Tap (None) (None) 4 4 4 r`
Sided Hiss K K\ K K\ K K\
Sided (Approximant) l_0 l l_0 l l_0 l L L\
Sided Tap l\ l\ l\


to be done at a later time